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Zane House

Zane House is one of the buildings in Minefield - the others are: Benson House; Gibson House and Gillian House.

The door to the house can be opened with the Ridgefield Gate Key carried by Arkansas, the sniper located in the destroyed building in Minefield. If you've enslaved him or don't have the key for other reasons, you can pick the Average Lock (level 50 Lockpick required).


Notable Loot编辑

In the mailbox outside:

  • Random loot

In the Lounge:

In the "Locked: Easy" safe behind the cabinet in the Study:

In the kitchen:

In the First Aid Box in the en suite bathroom to the master bedroom:

In the second bedroom:

  • Pugilism Illustrated
  • 2 Toy Car: (one is in the Toy Box)
  • Teddy Bear: this one is visibly larger than the other bears in the game, but the size diminishes once it is put into your inventory and brought out again


  • This house is notable for containing one of the few child skeletons in the game; a smaller than usual one lying on a bed.


Zane House only appears in Fallout 3.

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