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關於the xander root that appears in Fallout 2,參見Xander root (Fallout 2)
Xander root
Xander root
Icon xander root
效果+1 Hit Point per second for 4s
Hardcore mode only:
-5 Starvation
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Xander root is a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Xander root is a large, turnip-like root with mild healing properties. It can easily be identified by its exposed head and tall green stalk protruding from a raised ring of dirt, resembling an onion. Once collected, xander root can be used in the crafting of both healing powder and stimpaks. Xander roots have the ability to grow again. They are commonly growing around trails and around the mouths of caves.

Survival Skill effect编辑

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Xander root can be found across the wastes, often beside rocks or amongst withered roots:


  • Some traders sell xander root despite it not being worth any caps therefore if you "buy" it off the traders you won't have to pay for it.

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