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Slight chance of seed dispersal from the Botanical Gardens predicted in the late evening.Doctor Dala

X-22 botanical garden is a location in the northwest of Big MT in 2281. It is directly north of Signal Hills transmitter.


A long-defunct research station, X-22 focused on researching plant life and its military applications. It was here that Beauveria mordicana was created, and later transferred to Vault 22.[1] The first subject of experiments with the plant, Patient Zero, still stalks the abandoned ruins of the facility, even after two centuries.


A long metal staircase leads from the canyon floor to a ruined building in the upper area. Red crystals, which give off light during the night, are embedded in the surrounding canyon walls. The garden is guarded by spore plants and spore carriers.

Notable loot

  • Sink Project: Biological Research Station holotape - In the upper area of the garden, near a hot plate and a duffle bag by the staircase.
  • A package with various dried seeds - On the second level of the upper area.
  • Black blood sausage - On the corpse of Patient Zero.


The research station has the same number as the vault it "infected."


The X-22 botanical garden appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


  1. Old World Blues endings: "The Biological Research Station, obsessed with seeding everything in sight, requested a transfer to the X-22 Botanical Garden... so that it might, in its own words, "sensually fertilize the garden's smooooth contours." The Garden sent back a polite refusal, saying it had prior commitments with a Vault it had helped infect before the war.