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Wilks' House

The Wilks' House in Grayditch is a main location in the quest Those!. Located next to Doctor Lesko's Recently Built Shack and across the street from the Brandice's House.

Before the quest is completed, it contains three or four Fire Ant corpses and Fred Wilks' dead body. The house is left in a bad state of rubble and flames, left from the fire ants. Fred may have fought them to the death, killing a few before being done in himself. When Those! is completed and you choose to help Bryan Wilks find a home, he will clean up the rubble, bury his father, and remove the Fire Ant corpses.



First Floor编辑

The living room accesses to the kitchen and the restroom. In the kitchen, there is a fridge. In the restroom, a first-kid box is mounted on the wall right beside the opening.

Second Floor编辑

This floor consists of only a bedroom. Enter the bedroom, the queen-sized bed is to the left before the shelf.

Notable loot编辑

  • Chinese Assault Rifle x1 - In the living room, on the bookshelf.
  • Camera x1 - In the bedroom, behind the headboard, on the shelf.
  • Teddy Bear x1 - In the bedroom, on the wooden box beside the single bed.
  • Pre-war Money x 3 - In the living room, to the side of the ruined couch.


  • When fast traveling to Grayditch, you will spawn across the street from the house.



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