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The Water Processing Plant is found in Megaton; to reach it take a right after you enter Megaton, it's directly upstairs from Craterside Supply. Adminstered by Walter in the morning, and Leo Stahl at night.


One-floor building with three rooms: facility, office and bedroom.

There is nothing worth noting in the facility room. In the office, the desk drawer is locked (Very Hard). The door in the office opens to the bedroom, where Walter sleeps.

Noteable Loot

  • Assorted chems (In the locked desk)

Related Quests

  • Leo's Drug Habit
  • Treatment
  • Walter's Scrap Metal


  • Walter still describes problems with possibly water shortage/contamination even after Holy Water (Broken Steel DLC) is completed. The "locked desk" remained named "Locked desk" even if the lock is picked.
  • When the pointer is aimed at an object or person in the plant then moved off that object, the cursor will flicker red for a second, displaying a "drink" option which would give the player bad karma, it is impossible however for the player to choose this action as it appears too quickly.
  • In case Walter is missing see his article for solutions.