WV Lumber Co. is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2103.


One of the staple companies of Appalachia, 这家企业在自动化浪潮下不为所动,继续雇佣人类职工, offering good pay, good hours , in addition to having a stunning view of the Ohio River.[1] 。戰后这里被废弃随后被超级变种人占领。在2103年左右,自由激进派在杀死了这里的变种人后made the lumber mill their main base of operations.


WV Lumber Co. is a large lumber mill located near a set of train tracks, where the lumber was loaded onto train cars to be shipped to the rest of the region.

The central lumber mill building contains heavy machinery as well as office space and a locked (Picklock 1) safe. There is a chemistry station on the second floor. A cooking station is outside to the north of this building, next to a skeleton and duffle bag, to the north of the main building. There is also a tinker's workbench, armor workbench, and another chemistry station located in the various sheds around the location.


  • Wastelanders 螺姆載具改造 - 東北入口附近的白桌上,旁邊有台改造的豪華轎車
  • Wastelanders 妄為酒吧審問 - 辦公室地底坑道,洛伯旁邊的櫥櫃上。
  • Wastelanders 剃刀柄的職涯終點 - 上述豪華轎車附近的流動廁所裡。
  • Wastelanders 那是什麼味道? - 上述洛柏附近的白色桌子上。
  • Three potential Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • On the edge of the roof, in the waste bin.
    • In the partly ruined maintenance garage next to the stacked squared-off lumber, inside the structure with the "protect your hands" poster.
    • Inside the red barn storage warehouse, on the raised area by an upturned filing cabinet and first aid box.
  • Two potential magazines:
    • To the east, in the metal warehouse with a chemistry station, on a metal desk.
    • In the main mill building, on the middle floor with the large table saw, on a dining table near the stairwell.
  • Power armor chassis - At one of the power armor stations in the two-story metal building at the east side of the complex.
  • Fusion core - In the fusion core generator in the lower level of the central lumber mill building on the west side of the complex.
  • Significant amounts of wood from wood piles around the location.
  • Chainsaw - Can spawn on the table in front of the fusion generator on the interior's lower level.


WV Lumber Co. appears only in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

The location holds multiple references to the Mad Max film series, including vehicles outfitted with spikes, mentions of a harpoon gun welded to a car, and large jets of flame that spray out from behind a throne.



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