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The Vault-Tec lunchbox is a miscellaneous item in Fallout 4. When interacted with it spawns a random item and becomes collectible.


A Vault-Tec branded lunchbox with depictions of Vault-Tec propaganda and various versions of Vault Boy. The inside of the lunchbox has faint drawings of children's faces on the front and rear of the box. These drawings are difficult to see under normal circumstances, as the lunchbox is usually thrown around upon opening. Occasionally, a lunchbox will have a sticker decal or the name of a child on the front or back.

Each lunchbox contains a randomly selected item, spitting out confetti and releasing objects ranging anywhere from junk items like a fork or plastic knife, to the rarer items such as ice cold Nuka-Cola Quantum or a collectible model. It is one of the required items to craft the bottlecap mine at the chemistry station.


Vault-Tec lunchboxes can be found all over the Commonwealth, but are most commonly found in Vault-Tec locations, vaults and schools. Alternatively, with the Contraptions Workshop add-on, it is possible to use the builder to produce Vault-Tec lunchboxes at the cost of 3 pieces of steel.

Below is an alphabetical list of locations where Vault-Tec lunchboxes can be found.

Location Description Number
Far Harbor_(add-on) Aldersea Day Spa Near the swimming pool. 1
Andrew station One inside a box in a subway train, a second is across from it in a small room on a nightstand, a third is in another subway car further into the station and a fourth is at the opposite end of the tunnels under the diner. 4
Atom Cats garage At the end of the catwalk leading from the roof of the hardware warehouse where the Unarmed bobblehead is found. 1
Back Street Apparel One near the river in a red trailer, and a second just southwest in Anna's Cafe on the upper level under a desk. 2
Beantown Brewery At the bottom of a support beam behind the two large vats on the ground level. There's a teddy bear in a trilby hat next to it. 1
Far Harbor_(add-on) Beaver Creek Lanes To the left of the front desk terminal on the bottom shelf. 1
Boston Bugle building In a blue box that is visible as soon as you exit the elevator. 1
Boston Public Library One is in Copley Station at the back left hand side in a baby carriage, a second is on a table in the main library near the overdue book machine and a third may be found on the floor of the cafeteria to the left of the main entrance. 3
Bunker Hill In the utility basement, small room at the end, in a crate on a shelf. 1
Cambridge Polymer Labs One is behind a dividing wall just past the reception desk, and a second is outside just east of the facility near the bridge in one of the Pulowski Preservation shelters. 2
Coastal hideout In a small cell behind a Novice locked door. 1
College Square On the first table inside the cafeteria with a live bottlecap mine sitting in between. The cafeteria is opposite the plutonium well just north of the Cambridge Police Station. 2
College Square Station Tucked underneath a shelving unit in the northeast corner of the map.


Collegiate administration building Underneath the stairs. 1
Concord civic access In the sewer area across the water from a raider corpse near a large pipe and one in the room near the stairs toward the Concord entrance. 2
Concord Speakeasy One in an unlocked upstairs bedroom underneath the bed and a second between the wall and a fallen mattress on the floor. 2
D.B. Technical High School There are five downstairs: one in a locker in the rubble filled hallway, a second on a shelf in the library, a third and fourth on the tables of the cafeteria and a fifth on the floor of the cafeteria. Three more are upstairs: one on a table, a second in a locker and a third on the floor near the skeleton draped over a ladder. A ninth is down in the basement in the auto-shop area set in the child seat of a shopping cart. 9
Destroyed house in between Tenpines Bluff and Outpost Zimonja, just before the highway. On the ground beside the table with the picture and handcuffs on it, behind the teddy bear. 1
East Boston Preparatory School The first is in the classroom to the right of the entrance on a desk in the office, a second is at the end of the first floor hallway to the left and under a flight of stairs, a third is on the second floor above the first classroom under a pile of chairs, a fourth and fifth can be found at the stage location on the ground on the left and right side of the walls, a sixth is in the classroom at the end of the second floor hallway in a corner by a hole and a frag mine and for the seventh one must drop down into the room below and move to the adjacent room that isn’t accessed by a door to find it on the bookshelf. 7
Faneuil Hall In the main hall on the upper southeast balcony by the door. 1
Federal surveillance center K-21B One is on the bottom floor near the power armor frame and a second is on top of the main control center near the Novice locked terminal (accessed by jumping down from above). 2
Fens Street sewer One can be found at the opposite end of the tunnel from the skeleton with a fishing rod in the water just past the metal ramp (it may be underwater) and a second is in one of several baby strollers near the “XXXX” on the wall. (two total) 2
Fraternal Post 115 One is on the table outside and to the right of the door and a second is directly east of the post nearby in an alleyway on top of a wood craft near a destroyed van. 2
Four Leaf fishpacking plant One can be found on a cabinet in a small room at the top of the catwalk and a second is at the southern edge behind the vehicle. 2
Automatron_(add-on) Fort Hagen hangar Hidden in an orange trolley in the corner of the room with radioactive waste barrels on shelves. 1
Gift shop basement Next to the lockers in the room with Whiplash and Walter. 1
Hangman's Alley Southeast in a Deli Mart on one of the shelves. 1
Far Harbor_(add-on) Harbor Grand Hotel On the second floor in a drawer on the ground at the far end of the hallway. 1
Hoarder's apartment On a shelf near the kitchen sink. 1
Holy Mission Congregation On the floor in the pews. 1
Hugo's Hole On the table across the mattress. 1
Jamaica Plain On a picnic table to the left of the Town Hall. 1
Lexington One is in the Parking Garage inside of a car by the protectron terminal and a second in the southern building under the Nuka-Cola billboard on the first floor (accessed by jumping/climbing). 2
Mahkra Fishpacking Inside a hideout beneath the bridge leading to the factory, behind a Novice locked cell to the right on a shelf. 1
Mass Bay medical center On a couch the third floor on a couch next to a baby stroller. 1
Mass Fusion containment shed In the subterranean area/basement on the desk next to a broken terminal. 1
Mass Pike Tunnel west Right after the entrance, in a half destroyed bus under a bench with teddy bears on top. 1
Massachusetts State House In the room just before the raider commander and turret, due east of the table with three chairs and loose caps. 1
Med-Tek Research In the sublevel next to a terminal that controls turrets, protectrons and security doors for the whole room. 1
Medford Memorial Hospital In the cafeteria on the first floor, on a table that has a meat bag on it. 1
Museum of Witchcraft In the basement underneath a table. 1
Nahant Oceanological Society In the kitchen inside the house. 1
Natick Banks In the red brick building in the northeastern corner of town, on the second floor under a table that has a baseball glove on top. 1
National Guard training yard One can be found in the National Guard armory near the power armor frame and a second in the National Guard recruitment office behind/inside the curved desk at the far end of the main room. 2
Far Harbor_(add-on) Northwood Ridge Quarry On the roof of the main shack next to a garden gnome. 1
Old Gullet sinkhole In a pipe near the bottom, where the water flows to. 1
Park Street station One is on the lowest level on the right side of the room behind a cigarette machine and a second on the ground next to a tunnel opening by a large blue crate, two small red crates and a white Vault-Tec box. 2
Parkview Apartments One can be found on the second floor inside of a filing cabinet drawer in an office and a second can be found in a first floor refrigerator. 2
Parsons State Insane Asylum One is on a bench in the hallway with the first raiders you encounter, the second is on a shelf in the room just before the control room. 2
Pickman Gallery One is in the eastern room of the third floor on top of the bed headboard shelf (it is likely to be displaced due to a raider triggering a missile tripwire) and a second is in the northwest corner of the basement’s first room held by a skeleton. 2
Plumber's Secret Under a cash register near the safe (watch out for bottlecap mines). 1
Poseidon Energy One is in the lower flooded levels at the end of an underwater pipe and a second is on the eastern corner of the factory floor behind a ramp on the lower shelf. 2
Quincy Quarries In a trailer to the southeast, within sight of the Red Rocket to the south. 1
Rocky Cave In the Glowing Sea, one is on a shelving unit downstairs next to a steamer trunk (taking the contents is counted as theft before completing Virgil’s quest, but one can open and take the box itself). 1
Sandy Coves Convalescent Home One in the cafeteria in the arms of someone in a yellow dress on the ground and a second in the game room on the second floor in a small box. 2
Saugus Ironworks On the top floor in a room off the corridor adjacent to an Advanced terminal which opens a set of doors. 1
Sentinel Site Prescott One is in the lower tunnels in a tiny hidden room accessible via a hole in the wall of a large room, a second is in the flooded room in the lower levels behind the nuke on the right hand side immediately before the elevator and a third is under a bunk in the barracks on the lower levels. 3
Separated family radio signal In a house in West Everett Estates: one in the kitchen and another inside the backyard bunker. 2
Shaw High School There are several in the cafeteria in the center of the building and another on a desk in a classroom with sparking wires on the second floor. ?
South Boston High School One is in an open locker in the northwest corner of the first floor, the second is on the floor in front of a locker outside the men’s restroom on the south side of the first floor and the third is on the pile of mud on the right side of the entrance. 3
Suffolk County charter school In classrooms, on desks, on the floor or in lockers. ~10
Super Duper Mart In the cafeteria on top of a shelf. 1
Tenpines Bluff Northeast corner of the same grid square as Tenpines Bluff, one is located just across the railroad tracks and inside a broken down house with tarp awnings. 2
The Shamrock Taphouse On a table in the same room as Total Hack issue #2. 1
Automatron_(add-on) The Mechanist's lair One is by a skeleton at the end of the robot storage area underneath a yellow eye protection poster and a second is located behind the generators at power substation B on a red stepladder. 2
Ticker Tape Lounge In one of the refrigerators. 1
Ticonderoga Downstairs in a room with protectron pods. 1
Trinity Church Sitting on a dresser in the ruins of the basement. 1
University Point On a toilet at sea level in a partially-collapsed building behind Sedgwick Hall. 1
USAF Satellite Station Olivia In the basement on top of a cabinet near the raider Ack-Ack. 1
Vault 75 On the lower level held by a skeleton wearing glasses. After exiting the elevator, look left at the intersection behind the blue container to see it. 1
Vault-Tec Regional HQ One is on the first floor in the kitchenette, a second is on the third floor on the desk in the back office and a third is on a shelf in the basement (accessed by an elevator). 3
Walden Pond In the basement near where the player character finds the unique pipe wrench Big Jim. 1
Warwick homestead One is sitting on a shelf in the small service room attached to the processing tank on the elevated walkway and a second is on the boat leaning on a sandbar just to the west. 2
Water Street apartments In the southeast corner room on the first floor on the shelves near the television. 1
Weatherby Savings & Loan In the building just to the south, on the upper level in a corner. 1
West Everett Estates In the house next to the backyard bunker in the living room at the fireplace and a second is in the bunker. 2
Wilson Atomatoys corporate HQ In the office with the Giddyup Buttercup that stands in the middle of the room on the large desk below the broken terminal. 1
Wilson Atomatoys factory On the east side of the building outside, next to a skeleton by the yellow dumpster. 1
Yangtze In the gallery on the table in the southeast corner. 1

Item pool


  • Mr. Gutsy model
  • Mr. Handy model
  • Protectron model
  • Sentry bot model
  • Eyebot model

Aid items

  • Nuka-Cola
  • Ice cold Nuka-Cola
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum
  • Ice cold Nuka-Cola Quantum
  • Nuka-Cherry
  • Bubblegum
  • Noodle cup
  • Gum drops
  • Dandy Boy Apples


  • Atomic Roller ball Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Nuka-Cade ticket Nuka-World (add-on)


  • Plastic fork
  • Plastic knife
  • Plastic spoon
  • Table knife
  • Dinner fork
  • Table spoon
  • Chalk
  • Baseball
  • Economy wonderglue
  • Pen
  • Pencil
  • Wonderglue
  • Souvenir coffee cup Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Souvenir magnet cat Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Souvenir teddy bear Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Souvenir drinking glass Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Souvenir sloth toy Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Souvenir magnet badge Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Souvenir magnet cow Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Souvenir magnet frog Nuka-World (add-on)
  • Souvenir magnet flower Nuka-World (add-on)



  • The names that can be found on the boxes are "Acadia," "Adriana," "Anna," "Becky Becky Becky," "Cole," "Connor," "Dona," "Greesha," "Jack," "Jade," "June," "Nic," "Sage," "Simon," "Stan," "Zane" and "Ziggy." The two decals are a Nuka-Cola bottle and Vault Girl.
  • Many possible items are larger than the lunchbox itself.
  • If a lunchbox is bought from a vendor it will say "Take." To open it, one has to hit it which will open it.
  • It is possible to get double loot. Open the lunchbox once, keep it in inventory, then drop it and shoot at it. This will give a second draw but the player character won't be able to collect it anymore.
  • Contraptions Workshop The lunchbox made in the builder can be opened by shooting it.


  • Nuka-World (add-on) Nuka-Cola lunchbox