Vampire's Edge is a unique Chinese Officer's Sword that does slightly more damage than the regular version. It also weighs only 1 pound compared to the 3 pound Chinese Officer's Sword.


  • Due to the very low weight, fast attack speed, high critical chance, and good durability, the Vampire's Edge is among the best melee weapons in the game despite its lower base damage value compared to other unique melee weapons.
  • Killing Vance (who has the key to the cabinet containing this sword) will make the entire Family hostile towards you, as well as the citizens of Arefu if you have already completed the Blood Ties quest to ally both communities.
  • Dogmeat will not retrieve the weapon from the Sword Cabinet like he will with the Victory Rifle. The only way to obtain this great weapon is through pickpocketing, murder or lockpicking. (Confirmed on PC Version and Xbox version)
  • The weapon will never be considered yours, if you drop it you must "steal" it again.(confirmed on Xbox 360)
  • The only exception to this is if you have someone else pick it up and then loot it from their corpse. (ie. a raider)
  • The weapon is considered yours if looted from the room containing every item in the game (PC, console command coc testqaitems)


The Vampire's Edge belongs to Vance, and can be found in a 'sword cabinet' (labeled as such in game) in his room in Meresti Station, an important location during the Blood Ties quest. Apart from its unique label, the sword cabinet's appearance is that of a normal wooden cabinet.

The cabinet is a 'Hard' level lock to unlock via lockpicking. Vance carries the key to the cabinet and may be pickpocketed, but he is a difficult target to pickpocket unnoticed, even with a Stealth Boy active. The key can, of course, also be looted from his corpse.


File:Fallout 3 Vampire's Edge


  • One glitch is that when the sword is equipped it becomes invisible, (similar to the auto axe glitch)it can be fixed by unequipped it and re equipping it

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