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The Utility tunnel is an area in Fallout 3 which connects a manhole in Pennsylvania Avenue with the remains of the White House. In the add-on Broken Steel, it also contains an access to the 總統專用通道 which leads to the 總統專用地鐵 with exits to The Capitol Building's East Wing and 亞當斯空軍基地.


When you enter the Utility tunnel, there is a copy of Pugilism Illustrated, a Workbench, and an Ophthalmoscope in a side room to the right. To get to the White House, take the first left, follow the corridor, and you will eventually find a door to the left that opens onto the ruin-filled radioactive pit that the White House has become. To reach the Presidential Sub Level in Broken Steel, keep following that corridor until you see a door on the right.

Notable loot

  • Pugilism Illustrated
  • Fatman
  • At the intersection where the unlucky daredevil hung himself from the light, taking the path west and following it around will yield a cash register with pre-war money and bobby pins. A few steps north of the register is a first aid box in the rubble.


  • There are 2 ramps set up on either side of a car and the remains of some daredevil trying to keep himself entertained after the bombs fell. You can see on one side the crashed motorcycle and the top half of the daredevil hanging from the light fixture above the car.


Utility appears in Fallout 3.