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Welcome! I'm Porter21, one of The Vault's administrators (a bureaucrat). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

About me

I joined this wiki in early December 2008. My first major contribution was the Fallout 3 walkthrough which I started working on as a then still unregistered user. One registration and a lot of edits later, I became a sys-op at the end of December. Even more edits later, I became the wiki's second bureaucrat in mid-July 2009.

Other than The Vault, there are not many wikis I visit on a regular basis. The wiki I'm most often found at is the Central Wikia, giving feedback or annoying the staff with bug reports. I occasionally check the Mass Effect Wiki and I've created the current skin of the Command & Conquer Wiki although I'm not a contributor there.


My main goal at this wiki is, simply put, to make it the best Fallout resource it can possibly be. In practical terms, I do and have done a lot of work on The Vault's various templates, its portals and general appearance. A lot of my editing time these days is spent organizing the content as well as making it easier to navigate and use.