I am Vault City's primary physician. I take care of all the Citizens within Vault City and do my best to keep everyone healthy.

Dr. Troy is the primary doctor in Vault City. His office is on the ground floor of Vault 8. He has an assistant named Phyllis.

He will attack you on sight if Marcus and Lenny are in your party unless you are Captain of the Guard.

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Perk empathy synthesizer

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Other interactions编辑

Speaking with Dr. Troy with a Doctor skill of at least 75% will present a dialogue option to introduce yourself as a fellow physician curious about the much-vaunted Vault City medical methods, leading to the cost-free accrual of the Vault City Training perk. Returning with an active Poison or Radiation counter level and asking him to cure either will then enable the derivative Vault City Inoculations perk as well.

Troy will heal you if you have been made a citizen of Vault City. If you have been made Captain of the Guard, he will heal the entire party.

If you have Marcus healed by him, Troy will be able to extract a large amount of ammo from Marcus' thick skin. You'll get 20 7.62mm, 40 .44 magnum JHP and FMJ, 50 5mm JHP, 10 .45 caliber, 24 10mm JHP, 50 .223 FMJ and 20 9mm ball.


Deliver a sample of jet to Dr. Troy: Dr. Troy is instrumental in the quests to find a cure for Jet addiction. He will even ask you to find a sample of Jet for him to study.


You can use this knowledge to blackmail him for $500-$1000 each month. However, if you ever go to him for medical treatment again, you will be hit for 6999 damage.

If you are a citizen (otherwise, you will be kicked out), you can also present this information to Joanne Lynette, and she will kick Dr. Troy out of Vault City. Phyllis will not speak to you again if you do this.


服飾 武器 其他道具
Clothing - Stimpak x3
Empty hypodermic x2


Troy appears in Fallout 2.

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