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關於the Toxic Caves that appear in Van Buren,參見Toxic Caves
These caves look like a prewar storage area. I think there must be more down below us but there's some kind of fancy teck-no-logical lock on the door.


The Toxic caves are north of Klamath. Before the war it was a military warehouse of some sort. Now it's a radioactive cave inhabited by Geckos (little and gold, though mostly gold). Smiley, the trapper from Klamath, is waiting at the end of the second level for you to save him.


Every step in the green sludge inflicts damage, unless rubber boots are in your inventory. Party members will also require boots in their inventory. Boots can be found on the first level on the caves, and in Trapper Town. Boots may melt after a while though. At higher levels (significantly above the levels which the quest was designed for), boots may be completely unnecessary, as you and your party will have enough resistance to shrug off the damage, or take none at all. Wearing power armor will also negate the sludge effects. It is important to take note that if you take enough unprotected steps in the sludge, your character may grow two extra toes a month later.

Some excellent equipment can be found here provided that you have a set of electronic lock picks and high repair skills, which you probably won't have when you first arrive here to rescue Smiley. Be wary of the security robot that resides here, who will attack with rocket launchers as soon as you go down the elevator to the 3rd level. Strangely, the electronic lock pick Mk II doesn't work for this. Loot includes a Bozar, a Glock 86 plasma pistol, and the Combat armor mk II.


  • In the earlier version of the game, there is only a laser pistol, a little bit of ammo, and some chems found here. There is no armor, Bozar, or plasma pistol.
  • If the Chosen One doesn't wear the rubber boots and spent too much time walking in the toxic goo, he/she will feel a tingling sensation that will eventually grown into a bunion, that will become an extra, mutated toe.
  • The sentry bot guarding the lower level will attack only with its rocket launcher, rendering it helpless should the player cripple its rocket arm.


The toxic caves appear in Fallout 2

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