General guidelines, code of conduct.

General Editing Guidelines

Page Protection

Most pages will remain unprotected and open to anonymous and registered users alike. However, a few of the main pages are protected to ensure the integrity of the site, these pages are mostly item, armor, weapon, and character template pages.


While The Vault's Policy is largely based on common sense, it should be noted that the following activities may lead to your account, or I.P. number being banned at the Administration's discretion. Sysops are generally instructed to try and talk to users before use of force, however they don't have any mercy when it comes to egregious vandalism by anonymous accounts, these kinds of contributors will find their IP's blocked indefinitely.

  • Insert false information into an article.
  • Remove page content.
  • Vandalize pages with inappropriate content.
  • Spam links to external sites.
  • Insert nonsense/gibberish.
  • Intimidate or harass others.
  • Abuse multiple accounts.
  • Create an unacceptable username.
除了特别提示,社区内容遵循CC-BY-SA 授权许可。