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The Muddy Rudder

The Muddy Rudder is a bar located in Rivet City's Lower Deck. It is owned and operated by Belle Bonny. It is guarded by Brock the bouncer, who gets into fights with Sister. On the security log, it can be read that Harkness is prepared to throw Sister off the ship if he keeps starting fights.

Trinnie,Tammy Hargrave, Brock, Sister and Butch DeLoria (after Trouble on the Homefront)frequented the place.



  • Following the Trouble on the Homefront quest (regardless of how it was completed), Butch DeLoria can be found here. He will join you in your adventures if you have neutral Karma, otherwise he will tell you that you don't have what it takes to be in his "Gang".
  • Trinnie will disclose Belle's 'stash' for giving her 25 caps for drinks (done by giving 5 caps 5x).


Rivet City
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