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關於the similarly named weapon in Fallout Shelter,參見Kneecapper

That's it... you're dead meat! Say hello to the Kneecapper!Ronald Laren

The Kneecapper is a unique Sawed-Off Shotgun, featuring increased damage and tighter spread.



  • Despite its x0 critical percent multiplier, a successful sneak attack always results in a Sneak attack critical. Keep in mind that its critical damage bonus is 0, though, so no extra damage is actually done.
  • The Kneecapper can be repaired with ordinary Sawed-Off Shotguns.
  • The cone of pellets is smaller than normal Sawed-Off Shotguns and even The Terrible Shotgun, meaning more of them usually hit the target. This usually results in more damage.
  • The Kneecapper degrades very fast, albeit carrying around an extra shotgun for repair isn't usually necessary.

Obtaining the gun from Ronald Laren

  • Pickpocket his shotgun ammo, shoot him once, holster your weapon and pickpocket The Kneecapper once he turns friendly again. Or leave the area and come back later, once he has unequipped it. If you're lucky you can directly pickpocket it, or after picking his ammo.
  • When talking Ronald into venturing for Quantums on his own (Black Widow Perk required) he usually dies on the way and his corpse can be looted near or in the Nuka-Cola Plant.
  • Attack him with a weak weapon (so that you don't kill him), then shoot the gun from his hands. Put the weapon away and he will stop attacking you, then simply take the gun. If he picks up the gun instead of stopping, keep shooting it out of his hands until it breaks. Take the gun, then leave and stay away for 3 days. He will be friendly again.
  • Using the Mr. Sandman perk allows you to kill Ronald while he is sleeping and, as well as gaining good xp, Sierra Petrovita doesn't notice he's dead. This method does induce a karma loss as the mister sandman perk does affect karma by large ammounts.
  • Cause a follower or creature to kill him.

Behind the scenes

  • The Kneecapper takes its name from the act of "Kneecapping" someone, which is shooting them in the kneecaps to cripple their legs.


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