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The Chop Shop

The Chop Shop is Doctor Barrows' infirmary in Underworld.


Glowing Ones can be seen through the window in the Chop Shop and there is an inaccessible door that presumably leads to them, but there is no way to open it. PC players can reach the area using "tcl" on the console There is a very hard locked safe with medical supplies and caps inside, but they have to be stolen. Also, the terminal in the Chop Shop can be hacked, but appears to be broken. Clicking any of the links on the terminal does nothing.

It appears Dr Barrow has been researching the Ghoul condition. However, Nurse Graves seems to think that many ghouls would disagree with Doctor Barrows and think that this is how God intended them.


  • It is possible to kill the glowing ones with a flamer as the fire goes right through the glass windows, and its always entertaining to see them run around on fire.
  • The Chop Shop will be full of ghouls suffering from the effects of Modified FEV Aqua Cura if you convince Griffon to sell the real Aqua Pura.


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