Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template for facts which need verification. If used with a timestamp, it alerts users of overdue verifications (after 4 weeks) by changing displayed text and adding Category:Verification overdue to the page. Once overdue, if it cannot be verified, the unverified information can be removed. In the case of dialogue, the file may not have been added yet. Do not remove in this instance. If the citation or needed information is added, the template can be removed.


Insert the following after the fact that needs to be checked:



<unnamed 1>
  • Time stamp when the template was inserted. Use 5 tildes (~~~~~).
  • verified - For use on bugs only, when the bug has been verified by a secondary source. Adds the article to the hidden category Category:Articles with verified bugs. If it cannot be verified, it can be removed.
  • patched - For use on bugs only, when the bug has been patched by an official update to the game. Adds the article to the hidden category Category:Articles with patched bugs. It should be left to serve as a changelog.


Statement requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~}}

Statement requiring verification.[verification needed]

Statement overdue for verification.{{Verify|09:47, October 23, 2077}}

Statement overdue for verification.[verification overdue]

Bug statement that has been verified.{{Verify|verified}}

Bug statement that has been verified.[已驗證]

Bug statement that has been patched.{{Verify|patched}}

Bug statement that has been patched.[已修補]

Bug requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~|type=bug}}

Bug requiring verification.[verification needed]

Citation requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~|type=cite}}

Citation requiring verification.[verification needed]

Location requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~|type=loc}}

Location requiring verification.[verification needed]

Detail requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~|type=det}}

Detail requiring verification.[verification needed]

Dialogue requiring verification.{{Verify|~~~~~|type=dial}}

Dialogue requiring verification.[verification needed]

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