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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Navigational template used if something is explained in more detail in another article and does not need to be explained in the current one.

If a summary is given in the current article, please use {{main}} instead.

Based on {{Hatnote}}.


{{See|article name}}


<unnamed 1> up to <unnamed 5>
The page(s) with detailed information.
(default: "<unnamed #>")
t1 up to t5
Can be used to overwrite the default link text for the corresponding <unnamed> parameter. For example, t3 changes the link text for <unnamed 3>.



{{See|The Vault:Templates}}

results in:

另见: The Vault:Templates

Overwriting default text

{{See|The Vault:Templates|t1=template page}}

results in:

另见: template page
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