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Auxiliary template for {{Overviewpagelist}}.


Please do not use this template directly in articles, use {{Overviewpagelist}} instead.

{{Overviewpagelist/aux|game abbreviation}}


get (optional)

Can be set to "row" or "cont", defaults to "row". "row" results in a row with a link being generated (either an unnumbered list item or a row which is compatible with {{nb main}}, depending on the setting for mode), "cont" results in a container (either a {{navbox side}} or nothing, depending on mode) being returned with the data given.

mode (optional)

Can be set to "default" or "list", defaults to "default". "list" results in a unnumbered list item with bullet being shown, "default" results in a {{nb row}} line.

check for (optional)

The page to check forBy default, the template assumes that the plural form to look is the name of the current page with an "s" appended. For non-standard plurals, this parameter can be used to override this behaviour.

data (optional)

If get is set to "cont", this parameter contains the data to be put into the container.

image (optional)

If get is set to "cont", this parameter allows an image to be shown above the data content.


This template uses the parser function #ifexist: which is considered an "expensive parser function", only a limited number of which can be included on any one page (including functions inside transcluded templates). When this limit is exceeded, any further #ifexist: functions automatically return false, whether the target page exists or not.

As such, this template should not be used more than 95 times on a page. 99 is the default value for expensive parser functions per page; this template uses 1 ifexist call per instance, making the theoretical maximum of instances 99. A little "buffer" should be given, hence 95 times maximum.

Auxiliary templates

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