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Template which generates a list of overview pages. Uses a parameter as a base and detects whether game-specific pages of the same name in plural exist and generates a list for the existing ones.


Simply put the following where you want the list to appear:

{{Overviewpagelist|check for=name of pages to check for}}


(default: "{{PAGENAME}}s")
check for
By default, the template assumes that the page names to look for are like the name of the current page with an "s" appended and a game name in front. If the page name already ends with an "s", no further "s" is appended. This parameter allows you to specify page names to look for directly and circumvent this default behaviour.
(default: "default")
Formatting of the page list.

Available options:

  • default: Produces a right-floated navbox.
  • list: Produces a plain unnumbered list.
If mode is set to "default", this parameter allows an image to be shown above the list of pages. Enter the file name without "File:".



Overviews per game
{{Overviewpagelist|check for=holodisks and notes}}


{{Overviewpagelist|mode=list|check for=holotapes}}

results in: {{Overviewpagelist/aux<!-

 -->|abbmode=|check for=holotapes|games=FO1,FO2,FO3,FNV,FO4,FO76,FOT,FOBOS}}



This template uses the parser function #ifexist: which is considered an "expensive parser function", only a limited number of which can be included on any one page (including functions inside transcluded templates). When this limit is exceeded, any further #ifexist: functions automatically return false, whether the target page exists or not.

This template should not be expanded to check for more than 95 games. 99 is the default value for expensive parser functions per page; this template uses 1 ifexist call per game, making the theoretical maximum of games 99. A little "buffer" should be given, hence 95 games maximum.

Despite of the somewhat generous limit, the template should only be used to check for common or "main" games at the wiki. If an overview page for a certain game does not exist, the template produces a redlink to said page which shows up on Special:WantedPages. Using the template to check for "fringe" games will hence result in a lot of redlinks.

Games the template checks for

Auxiliary templates

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