Template for standardized intro text on overview pages.

Based on {{Intro}}.


The only required parameters are below:

|subject      =
|game         =

However, if the default layout is unsatisfactory, the optional parameters (with grey stars) may be used to give more control over the template.


(default: "scope plural/subjects")
Affects the top line. Used when the page is not a list, in order to insert custom intro text between "This page" and "in game".
(default: "yes")
Affects the first bullet point. Used when the subject is described in full (eg with subheadings) rather than listed in a table. Allows for hiding the entire bullet point (line): "The content is not described in full detail...". Can be set to "yes" or "no".
game, game2
Affects the top line, as well as the second and third bullet points. Abbreviation of the game(s) this overview page is for (eg FO2, FNV, FOBOS): see {{Abb}} for a full list of valid inputs.
(default: "Portal:game")
Affects the third bullet point. Used when the central overview page does not match the given game. Creates a link to a specified page. Defaults to the respective portal or main game article for game, if not specified.
(default: "subjects")
Affects the second bullet point. Only necessary if the plural of the subject is irregular (different than -s). Replaces the plural of the subject of this overview page.
(default: "all")
Affects the first bullet point. Used if this overview page is not a list. Describes what scope of the listed subjects is addressed. Defaults to "all".
Affects the top line, and second bullet point. Subject of this overview page (in singular). It should be similar to the title of the page (without the game title): eg the subject of Fallout SPECIAL would be SPECIAL.
(default: "subject")
Affects the second bullet point. Only necessary if the subject is not the same as the central overview page for the type. Changes the overview page link at the end of the line to the parameter (e.g. "Armor and clothing" if this template was used on a game-specific armor and clothing overview page). Automatically linked.
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