第11行: 第11行:
|headerB =[[New Appalachian Railroad|鐵路]]
|headerB =[[New Appalachian Railroad|鐵路]]
|groupB1 =紅線
|groupB1 =紅線
|contentB1 =[[格拉夫頓站|格拉夫頓]]{{dot}} [[摩根鎮站|摩根鎮]]([[摩根鎮調車場|調車場]]){{dot}} [[薩頓站|薩頓]]{{dot}} [[查爾斯頓站|查爾斯頓]]([[查爾斯頓調車場|調車場]]){{dot}} [[威爾契站|威爾契]]{{dot}} [[布萊爾山調車場|紅線調車場]]{{dot}} [[路易斯堡站|路易斯堡]]{{dot}} [[NAR repair yard]]{{dot}} [[Watoga station|瓦托加]]{{dot}} [[Flooded trainyard]]
|contentB1 =[[格拉夫頓站|格拉夫頓]]{{dot}} [[摩根鎮站|摩根鎮]]([[摩根鎮調車場|調車場]]){{dot}} [[薩頓站|薩頓]]{{dot}} [[查爾斯頓站|查爾斯頓]]([[查爾斯頓調車場|調車場]]){{dot}} [[威爾契站|威爾契]]{{dot}} [[布萊爾山調車場]]{{dot}} [[路易斯堡站|路易斯堡]]{{dot}} [[NAR repair yard]]{{dot}} [[Watoga station|瓦托加]]{{dot}} [[Flooded trainyard|紅線調車場]]
|groupB2 =藍線
|groupB2 =藍線
|contentB2 =[[Sunnytop station]]{{dot}} [[Pleasant Valley station]]{{dot}} [[新阿帕拉契中央調車場|藍線調車場]]{{dot}} [[白泉站|白泉]]{{dot}} [[R&G station]]
|contentB2 =[[Sunnytop station]]{{dot}} [[Pleasant Valley station]]{{dot}} [[新阿帕拉契中央調車場|藍線調車場]]{{dot}} [[白泉站|白泉]]{{dot}} [[R&G station]]

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輻射76 交通
Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

This is a navbox, a grouping of links used in multiple related articles to facilitate navigation between those articles.

Based on {{Navbox}}.


Displaying the navbox

Insert the following at the bottom of the article to display the navbox:

{{Navbox Metros FO76}}

Editing the navbox

The most frequently used parameters for editing the navbox are listed below. For full documentation, please see {{Navbox}}.

Icon required
<unnamed 1>
This parameter should always be set to {{{1|}}} (see the example under "Usage"). It allows the layout of the navbox to be changed so it fits inside another navbox, if the parameter is set to "nested" from within the other navbox.
Icon optional
blockA up to blockH
Content of block cells. blockA appears left of the groupA parameters and so forth. If no group or content fields in this block have been specified, the block is not displayed either.
Icon optional
contentA1 up to contentH8
Lists of links. Make sure that links point directly to the intended pages (i.e. not to redirects) so the current page is properly marked in the template. It is recommended to sort links in each cell alphabetically for reader convenience. For standard (horizontal) rows, separate individual links with {{dot}}. For columns, use unnumbered lists (inserted with *).
Icon semi-required
The name of the template page; used to generate the "view"/"edit"/"discuss" links. You can use {{subst:PAGENAME}} when creating the template. If no editlink is specified, the "view"/"edit"/"discuss" links will not be displayed.
Icon optional
Text of the footer, i.e. a row at the very bottom of the navbox.
Icon optional
groupA1 up to groupH8
Content of group cells. groupA1 appears to the left of contentA1 (or above it when in column mode) and so forth. If a group field has been specified, the corresponding content becomes mandatory. For example, if groupD3 has been set, you need to set contentD3 as well.
Icon optional
headerA up to headerH
Content of header rows. headerA appears above contentA1, headerB appears above contentB1 and so forth. If the block is collapsible, this becomes mandatory as it is the text which remains visible when collapsed.
Icon optional
image, imageleft
Allows to specify images which should be displayed to the right (image) or left (imageleft) of the whole navbox content. Simply enter the file name without "File:". If the blocks in the navbox are collapsible, these images will remain visible even if all blocks are collapsed (but will not be visible if the navbox itself is collapsed). Be careful not to make the images too large or you risk visual oddities.
Icon optional
This parameter allows to specify options which apply to the navbox itself or all blocks inside. Multiple options can be specified at once; simply separate them with commas (,).

Commonly used choices:

  • collapsiblegroups: This makes all blocks within the navbox collapsible and collapsed on page load. Can be overriden for individual blocks by setting the block-specific option parameter (see below) to "uncollapsed".
  • columns: This turns all blocks into column-type blocks, i.e. blocks where the links are listed from top to bottom instead of from left to right.
  • uncollapsedgroups: This makes all block within the navbox collapsible and uncollapsed on page load. Can be overriden for individual blocks by setting the block-specific option parameter (see below) to "collapsed".
Icon optional
(default: "bottom")
Intended positioning of the navbox in article pages. Also influences default width and collapse behaviour.

Available options:

  • bottom: The navbox is supposed to be put at the end of articles; full width, collapses.
  • left: The navbox is supposed to be put on the left side of articles with text flowing around it; thin navbox, not collapsible.
  • right: The navbox is supposed to be put on the right side of articles with text flowing around it; thin navbox, not collapsible.
Icon required
The title or caption of the navbox.
Documentation transcluded from Template:Navbox/doc/standard.
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