Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Auxiliary template for {{Navbox}}. It should not be used directly in articles; use {{Navbox}} instead.

This template pre-processes input parameters and calculates various derived variables for a given block, which are then passed either to {{Navbox/aux2}} (for standard rows) or {{Navbox/aux3}} (for column-style rows).


<!-- insert parameters -->


Icon optional
block, content1 up to content8, group1 up to group8, header
Content of the respective cell.
Icon optional
block meta style, content meta style, group meta style, header meta style, image meta style, meta style
CSS to be applied to all cells of the corresponding type. meta style applies to all cells in the whole navbox.
Icon optional
block style, content1 style up to content8 style, group1 style up to group8 style, header style, image1 style, image2 style, sideimage1 style, sideimage2 style
CSS to be applied to the corresponding cell.
Icon optional
content member style, group member style, member style
CSS to be applied to all cells of the corresponding type within the current block. member style applies to all cells in the block.
Icon optional
Allows for passing special conditions.
Icon optional
image1, image2, sideimage1, sideimage2
Images displayed to the left and right of the block content (without "File:").
Icon optional
(default: "50x80px" or "50px")
image1 size, image2 size, sideimage1 size, sideimage2 size
Size of the corresponding image in px.
Icon optional
meta colcount
Amount of columns for the outer table (including spacer columns).
Icon optional
meta options, options
Options which apply to the whole navbox (meta options) or the current block (options). For a list of options, please see {{Navbox}}.
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