Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

Template for displaying small icons.


{{icon|name of icon}}

To update the available icons, the Icon module requires a new parameter in the iconTip (default tooltip) and gameIcon (icon filename) lists.


<unnamed 1>
Which icon should be displayed. Multiple icons can be listed by separating them with a comma. ({{Icon|FO1,FO2,FO3}})
(default: "x14px")
<unnamed 2>
Specifies size of the icon. Can either be set to one of the presets below or directly given as a px value (same syntax as for setting image size of a normal file link).

The presets are:

  • small: Icons will be displayed at 10px height.
  • medium/normal: Icons will be displayed at 14px height.
  • big: Icons will be displayed at 20px height.
Page the icon should link to (without enclosing "[[]]"). If tooltip is not specified, this is also used as the tooltip text.
Tooltip text displayed when hovering over the icon. Overrides the icon's default text.

Available icons

prefix Icon prefix Icon prefix Icon
AR Gametitle-AR.png D20 Gametitle-D20.png FB Gametitle-FB.png
FBG Gametitle-FBG.png FBGNC Gametitle-FBGNC.png FBGWW Gametitle-FBGWW.png
FILM Film.png FNV Gametitle-FNV.png FNVCS Gametitle-FNV CS.png
FNVDM Gametitle-FNV DM.png FNVGRA Gametitle-FNV GRA.png FNVHH Gametitle-FNV HH.png
FNVLR Gametitle-FNV LR.png FNVOWB Gametitle-FNV OWB.png FO Gametitle-FO1.png
FO1 Gametitle-FO1.png FO1st FO1st.png FO2 Gametitle-FO2.png
FO3 Gametitle-FO3.png FO3BS Gametitle-FO3 BS.png FO3MZ Gametitle-FO3 MZ.png
FO3OA Gametitle-FO3 OA.png FO3PL Gametitle-FO3 PL.png FO3TP Gametitle-FO3 TP.png
FO4 Gametitle-FO4.png FO4AUT Gametitle-FO4 AUT.png FO4CC Gametitle-FO4 CC.png
FO4CW Gametitle-FO4 CW.png FO4FH Gametitle-FO4 FH.png FO4NW Gametitle-FO4 NW.png
FO4VR Gametitle-FO4VR.png FO4VW Gametitle-FO4 VW.png FO4WW Gametitle-FO4 WW.png
FO76 Gametitle-FO76.png FO76LR Gametitle-FO76 LR.png FO76NW Gametitle-FO76 NW.png
FO76OW Gametitle-FO76 One Wasteland.png FO76SD Gametitle-FO76 Steel Dawn.png FO76WA Gametitle-FO76 WA.png
FO76WL Gametitle-FO76 WL.png FOBOS Gametitle-FOBOS.png FOBOS2 Gametitle-FOBOS2.png
FOOL PV13.png FOS Gametitle-FOS.png FOT Gametitle-FOT.png
FOT2 Gametitle-FOT2.png FOW Gametitle-FOW.png FOX Gametitle-FOX.png
FPB Gametitle-FPB.png FWW Gametitle-FWW.png FWWRPG Gametitle-FWWRPG.png
JES Gametitle-JES.png LH Gametitle-LH.png PA Penny Arcade.gif
PV13 PV13.png TAR Gametitle-TAR.jpg TORN Gametitle-TORN.png
V76 FO76 Vault 76 icon.png VB Gametitle-VB.png WIKI Gametitle-Wiki.png
ability Icon ability.png ac Icon shield bronze.png acid Icon acid.png
action Icon action.png agi FO76 A.png amber Icon amber.png
ammo Icon ammo.png ammo2 25px android Icon android.png
ap FO76 UI icon AP custom.png apple Icon appleios.png armorwb Fo4 Armor Work Icon.png
atom FO76 Atom Currency 2.png attack Icon attack.png axed Fire axe icon color.png
big gun Icon heavy weapon.png bigger gun Icon big gun.png blade Icon blade.png
bleed Icon bleed.png blunt Icon blunt.png bonus effect Icon bonus effect.png
boss FoS Boss.png bronze Bronze.png bugged unav Radroach.png
caps Caps.png caravan Icon cards.png cards Icon cards.png
chance Icon chance.png check Icon check.png checkbrown Icon check temp.png
chemst Fo4 Chem Work Icon.png chr FO76 C.png companion Icon companion.png
confidence Icon confidence.png cookst Fo4 Cook Work Icon.png craft Icon crafting.png
crit Icon critical damage.png crit effect Icon crit effect.png cross Icon cross.png
crosshair Icon attack.png cryo 25px cut Icon cut.png
dailyops Daily Ops Mode Icon Uplink.png damage Icon damage.png dap Icon dap.png
dead Icon dead.png defense Icon shield silver.png detect Icon eye.png
detection Icon eye.png dial Icon dialogue.png dialogue Icon dialogue.png
disease 117 black.png dislike Dislike.svg distance Icon range.png
doctor Icon doctor.png dps Icon dps.png dr Icon shield silver.png
dt Icon shield gold.png dur Icon Duration.png effect Icon effect.png
electrical Icon electrical.png emp Icon EMP.png end FO76 E.png
energy Icon electrical.png enslave Icon cage.png essential Icon essential.png
event FO76 icon map event.png eventpublic FO76 icon map public event.png experience Icon XP.png
explmill Icon fo4cw builder.png explosion Icon explosion.png eye Icon eye.png
facebook FacebookIcon.png fire Icon fire.png firerate FO76 UI icon Ammo custom.png
fist Icon fist.png fnvww Perk wild wasteland.png fo4chain01 Icon Fo4 chain01.png
fo4chain02 Icon Fo4 chain02.png fo4chain03 Icon Fo4 chain03.png fo4gencard Icon Fo4 gen keycard.png
fo4holo Icon Fo4 holotape.png fo4key01 Icon Fo4 key01.png fo4key02 Icon Fo4 key02.png
fo4key03 Icon Fo4 key03.png fo4note Icon Fo4 note.png fo4vaultid Icon Fo4 vaultid.png
foodpr Icon fo4cw builder.png free ATX FREE.png frost Icon effect.png
game FO76 ui roleplay team.png gamerscore Gamerscore.svg gas Icon gas.png
gold Gold.png gold bullion Fo76 Icon Gold Bullion.png green Icon green.png
grenade Icon grenade.png group Icon group.png gun Icon gun.png
hate Hate.svg healing Icon healing.png healing rate Icon healing.png
health Icon heart.png heart Icon heart.png hp Icon heart.png
image Icon image.png info Icon info.png instagram Instagram icon.jpg
int FO76 I.png ios Icon appleios.png jury JuryRigging.png
laser Icon laser.png lck FO76 L.png legendary FO76 icons legendary.png
legendperk FO76 Perk coin.png level Icon level.png like Like.svg
limited YOU SHOULD BUY THIS.png limitedtime Icon limitedtime.png linkedin Linkedin icon.png
load 25px loc FO76 ui exploration team.png love Love.svg
mac Icon mac.png macclassic Icon mac.png mag Assault carbine extended magazines.png
melee Icon melee.png mentioned Icon mentioned.png merchant FO76 ui trading team.png
mine Icon mine.png mod Icon plus.png mutate FO76 vaultboy dna.png
myspace Myspace icon.png neutral Icon neutral.png neutralface Neutral.svg
new ATX NEW.png no Icon cross.png note Icon Fo4 note.png
notrade Icon NoTrade.png nukamix Icon Nuka-mixer station.png nw FO76NW Vault 51 icon.png
optional Icon optional.png pail Icon FO76 mole miner pail.png parmorst Fo4 Power Work Icon.png
pbgame Fo4 Pip-Boy game.png pc Icon pc.png per FO76 P.png
percent Icon chance.png pistol Icon gun.png plasma Icon plasma.png
platinum Plat.png poison Icon poison.png poison2 Poison Icon.png
present FO76 Present Icon.png ps3 Icon ps3.png ps4 Icon ps4.png
publicworkshop Icon Public Workshop.png pve FO76 ui casual team.png pvp FO76 ui workshopraid team.png
quest FO76 ui icon quest.png question Icon question.png radiation Icon radiation.png
random FO76 ui roleplay team.png range Icon range.png rarity Icon rarity.png
ratio Icon ratio.png red Icon red.png repair Icon repair.png
repeat Icon repeat.png required Icon required.png rifle Icon rifle.png
robotwb Icon robot workbench.png score 137 low res.png scout FO76 Pioneer Scouts.png
scrip FO76 Scrip.png seasonal FO76 Quest Old Man Winter.png semi Icon semi-required.png
semi-required Icon semi-required.png sequence Icon sequence.png shieldbronze Icon shield bronze.png
shieldgold Icon shield gold.png shieldsilver Icon shield silver.png shotgun Icon shotgun.png
sic Icon sic.png silver Silver.png smg Icon smg.png
sound Icon sound.png spawn Icon spawn.png spread Icon spread.png
str FO76 S.png survival FO76 icon roadmap survival.png switch Nintendo Switch icon.png
temp Icon check temp.png text Icon text.png tumblr Tumblr Icon.png
twitch Twitch icon.png twitter Twitter icon.png unarmed Icon unarmed.png
vaultraid Vault Raids.png weapwb Fo4 Weapon Work Icon.png weight Icon weight.png
wild wasteland Perk wild wasteland.png windows Icon windows.png workshop Icon workshop.png
ww Perk wild wasteland.png xbox360 Icon xbox360.png xboxone Icon xboxone.png
xp Icon XP.png yes Icon check.png

In addition, all abbreviations supported by {{Abb}} can be used to produce an icon for the corresponding game.

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