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The slasher knife is the signature weapon of the Pint-Sized Slasher. It can only be found in the Tranquility Lane simulation. Outside of Tranquility Lane, it cannot be obtained without console commands.


The knife does a lot more damage than a normal knife - more than twice that of any other knife in the game. This results in it almost always dismembering the target. It can be repaired with other knives, including unique variants.


The slasher knife can successfully strike about 400 times from full condition before breaking.


  • Knife
  • Ant's Sting - Obtained by siding with the AntAgonizer in The Superhuman Gambit, Ant's Sting is slightly stronger than the regular knife, and deals poison damage over time.
  • Ritual knife Point Lookout (add-on) - Even more powerful than the Ant's Sting, the ritual knife only uses 12 AP for each V.A.T.S. attack.
  • Toy knife Point Lookout (add-on) - Using even less AP than the ritual knife, 10 compared to 12, the toy knife uses the lowest amount of AP for any weapon in the base game of Fallout 3. However, it does very little damage, much less than the regular knife.


主页面: Tranquility Lane

The knife is obtained along with the Pint-Sized Slasher mask during the Tranquility Lane quest if you decide to help Betty kill all the residents of Tranquility Lane. It is then located in the doghouse beside the abandoned house and is automatically equipped when you receive it.

At the end of the quest or upon exiting the simulation, the knife is automatically removed from your inventory. The glitch which allows you to take items out of the Anchorage Reclamation simulation does not work here due to the fact that it is a "quest item" and cannot be removed from the player.


  • When acquiring the knife by using console commands, using the command player.unequipitem once allows you to equip and unequip them as normal. It is impossible to get off your character without resetting the quest flag by using (Console: no argument given).
  • If you acquire the slasher knife via console commands, it shows up PipOS Error #-26 (File Not Found) in your Pip-Boy 3000.
  • If you stab a body three times the screen will become red and the body will explode.


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