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Sexual intercourse, frequently abbreviated to just sex, refers to a variety of acts undertaken between two (or more) creatures for the purposes of pleasure, procreation, or both. It is common among species both regular and mutated, although only humans ascribe any specific cultural, political or religious meaning to the act and its consequences or outcomes.

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  • Sex is sometimes featured as a gameplay mechanic, and is covered here.
  • Sexual abuse is a highly sensitive topic that has nonetheless been included in some Fallout games. It is covered separately here.


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Species that engage in sexual intercourse exhibit a variety of behaviors, and humans are no different. Sex serves a variety of purposes in human society including bonding, procreation, pleasure, or generating income. The choice of partners is also a significant element of an individual's life and may have repercussions depending on their culture: Heterosexuality is most common and most widely accepted, while homosexuality and bisexuality are less common, and social acceptance varies, sometimes greatly.[1]

Humans may also seek partners, both sexual and romantic, outside of their own immediate species. The practice is somewhat common.[2]

  • Some humans are attracted to ghouls.[3] Sexual intercourse between a human and a ghoul can also transmit diseases with embarrassing symptoms, including discoloration, a rash, pustules and radioactive residue in the groin area.[4]
  • Super mutant partners are very rare, but such pairings do happen.[5]
  • Robots are a very uncommon choice, and people who use them for sexual gratification are typically frowned upon, sometimes even by fellow mechanophiles.[6]

Ethical and cultural views

Human societies place a great deal of importance on sexual relations. Although the Great War has naturally loosened social norms related to sex, the emergence of distinct cultures in the wasteland has resulted in new social norms that aim to regulate human sexual behavior for a variety of purposes.

  • Incest has largely remained a cultural taboo in most groups and regions after the Great War for the same reasons as before the War. However, because of decimated populations, several groups had to adapt and the taboo of incest was replaced as a necessity, like within the four families of Andale[7] or with the already small genetic diversity of the inherently insular Swampfolk who serve as the poster children of genetic birth defects.[8] Maintaining suitable genetic diversity is also a problem present in Vaults where generations of families eventually breed into one another thanks to low population density; this is largely a problem for sustained closure Vaults such as with Vault 101.[9] Vault 8 shares a similar issue with genetic diversity, but supplements through sperm donations. Anyone can donate sperm, but the cream of the sperm crop is chosen for favorability or freshness to then introduce in the pregnancy cycles of Vault City.[10]
  • Prostitution and other sex work is frequently regulated in a variety of ways, up to outright bans on the practice, particularly in the New California Republic.[11] On the opposite side is New Vegas, where prostitution is entirely legal across the wasteland, with several brothels operating in the New Vegas metropolitan area. The lack of regulation leads to varying degrees of exploitation, however, ranging from independent contractors at the Atomic Wrangler,[12] through Casa Madrid semi-independent workers,[13] to sex slaves controlled through various drugs at the Gomorrah.[14][15] New Reno has built an empire on sex tourism and pornography, due to the absence of any regulations beyond paying tribute to the crime families controlling the city.[16]
  • The Brotherhood of Steel does not formally regulate sexual relations between its members. However, due to the limited numbers and elitist isolationism, some members believe that it's the duty of every Brotherhood member to have children and discriminate against homosexual members.[17]
    • The Eastern division is an exception. Its active stance and outside recruitment have led to formal regulations. Unsanctioned fraternization is frowned upon and subject to mandatory decontamination,[18] with anyone breaching regulations referred to their superiors.[2][4]
  • In the Legion, Caesar has decreed homosexuality a capital offense in order to maximize breeding and eliminate factors that might lower it. This does not stop legionaries from pursuing homosexual relationships, although fear of discovery is prevalent. Among officers, the usual recourse is to kill their lovers.[19] Heterosexuality is further enforced through child quotas imposed on all legionaries and the objectification of women as breeding stock.[20] In spite of this policy, some citizens of the NCR and Brotherhood members believe that the Legion accepts homosexuality among its members,[1][21][22] however, this is likely misinformation spread in NCR as a way to mock and demonize the Legion.[23]
  • The New California Republic does not have explicit regulations concerning sexual intercourse. NCR society is generally accepting of homosexuality in the core lands, but it tends to decrease the closer to the frontier one gets.[1]


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