What? A still! Damn. Hey, here's the $100, and I'll pay you $500 to destroy it. You can use my crowbar, in the back room over there. That'll do a number on her stupid little still!Frankie

Sabotage Becky's still is a quest in Fallout 2.


You receive this quest from Frankie, the owner of "The Hole", a bar in the Den. After discovering Becky's still, Frankie will ask you to break it.


Go to Becky's bar, on the other side of town. Go down the stairs and use a crowbar on the still. Go back to Frankie and receive the reward.

Once you've completed this quest, Becky won't talk to you anymore, so make sure you've done all of her quests before completing this one.

Or tell Frankie to buy his inventory from Becky, you will gain more experience and no Karma loss.

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