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Agent Jiang; as you know, an important Chinese surveillance vessel was lost in American waters. Your mission is to destroy derelict submarine SSN-37-1A before the Americans can recover and analyze it.Espionage debriefing

SSN-37-1A(called sub recovery site in the Pip-Boy map)出现在辐射3的DLC“Point Lookout”中,是中国废弃的战前核动力小型侦察潜艇,核战爆发前美国正试图修复该艇。


Covert Submarine SSN-37-1A is a Chinese spy submarine 它被派往Point Lookout海岸周边巡逻,在核战爆发前就沉没了and can be found at the sub recovery site.

As for remnants of equipment, 大部分系统因为进水和长时间闲置而处于离线状态。没有在该艇上找到working radio, navigation, weapons or targeting parameters for the sub itself. However, there is a radio (or radio type piece) that is entirely rusted brown and dead. There is no accessible onboard AI nor navigational software. The electricity still works, and the presence of green goo on the deck in the aft section suggests that the sub was nuclear powered. apparently船尾有小型备用发电机。

Externally, there are no signs of 鱼雷发射管torpedo tube hatches and internally, there is no torpedo room, implying that this sub was for reconnaissance and diversion operation, not direct engagement.



+38 3' 36.00", -76 18' 36.00"
+37 49' 41.61", -76 0' 37.02"
+37 5' 60.00", -76 1' 12.00"

根据情况可变更巡逻路线,被发现后不得与敌人交战,应启动自毁程序of imminent capture。每6小时进行一次单向通讯,频率为#K17.18.v121。




其位置上面有一艘搁浅的小艇和一个浮标。Below, is a medium-sized submarine with a hatch on top.


The submarine, based on her external size, is extremely compact inside. 从围壳的舱门进入后,只有一个舱室,2张床。The ladder leads straight into the roof and a pipe spraying water is also severed in another point but not leaking. There is a silver mainframe computer at the forward end of the chamber, 船尾的发电机泄露出绿色放射性物质。The sub has about a foot of irradiated water along the floor.


There are only two bunks in SSN-37-1A, suggesting a small crew. 该艇搁浅被俘后,艇长和艇员咬破臼齿里的氰化物胶囊。艇长牺牲了,但艇员的氰化物胶囊失效;幸存的艇员被关押到Turtledove集中营,审讯报告中指出:作为一名低级士兵,他已经相当顽强了。


Related quests

  • The Velvet Curtain


  • 潜艇内部,在操作终端的屏幕上有一行字“世上无难事,只怕有心人。”
  • One will need to swim through irradiated water in order to access the sub, and there is constant radiation inside the vessel.
  • The vessel is adjacent to another vessel that the player character cannot enter. Under the adjacent vessel is a locked safe and two first aid boxes.
  • 玩家即使点了探险家perk也不能发现该地点,只有接到The Velvet Curtain任务才会显示位置。T
  • 该地点也不列入Bog Walker成就中。
  • A personal footlocker (locked-Average) is below the bottom cot.
  • 在主角完成The Velvet Curtain任务后,它被炸毁。
  • This is one of the three submarines encountered in the series, with the other two being the Yangtze and The Vessel.
  • Despite the sub's beached condition, its nuclear 电力系统还在运作; in addition to the terminal and lighting, the sub's bilge pumps still appear to be powered, given that several pipes are leaking large amounts of fluid, but the sub is not filled with water.


The SSN-37-1A appears only in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.


  • The designation SSN(Submersible Ship, Nuclear)是北約成員国攻击核潜艇(or fleet)的编号and it is highly unlikely that the Chinese would use the same designation, especially on a reconnaissance sub. However, it can be assumed that the submarine was originally American-built, and was captured by the Chinese in a certain period of the Sino-American War.
  • The coordinates refer to actual points around the Chesapeake Bay (Norfolk, Virginia, USA) into which e.g. the Potomac River flows: Google Maps Overview.


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