Rivet City Supply

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Rivet City Supply is a general shop in Rivet City Market. It is run by Seagrave Holmes, who also wants to replace Bannon of Potomac Attire in the Rivet City Council. He has around 300 caps to barter with.


Notable Loot

  • Rivet City Supply Trunk (locked) - open with Seagrave Holme's Key that is only obtainable from Seagrave Holmes' corpse. Empty.


  • The actual shop part opens at 9am and closes at 9pm, but if you can find Seagrave wandering around the other parts of Rivet City when the shop is closed, he might still have the option to trade, no matter how far away he is from the actual store. Same goes with all the other merchants in Rivet City Market.


Category Items
  • Chinese Pistol
  • Spiked Knuckles
  • Frag Grenades
Armor and clothing
  • Advanced Radiation Suit
  • Leather Armor
  • Combat Armor
  • Combat Helmet
  • Raider Blastmaster Armor
  • Raider Blastmaster Helmet
  • Red Racer Jumpsuit
  • Wasteland Wanderer Outfit
Drugs and edibles
  • Stimpaks
  • Nuka-Cola
  • Different miscellaneous junk items
  • .308 Caliber Rounds
  • .44 Rounds, Magnum
  • 10mm Rounds
  • Electron Charge Packs
  • Microfusion Cells
  • 5mm Rounds
  • 5.56mm Rounds
  • Energy Cells
  • .32 Rounds


  • Rivet City Supply appears only in Fallout 3.
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