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Red's Clinic is the only place in Big Town where the player can get healed or trade items, but only if Red is rescued in the Big Trouble in Big Town quest.


Run by a woman named Red, it's the only clinic in Big Town. The clinic is closed when the player first arrives because Red was abducted by super mutants and brought to the Germantown Police Station.


The house has a front and back door. Inside, there are four rooms in the first floor. In the operating room, Timebomb, the unconscious patient, is on the operating table. The shelf near the backdoor holds various items.

The bathroom adjacent to the operation room has nothing lootable.

In the consulting room, the desk is near the front door, and may have a holotape sit on it. In the kitchen connected to the consulting room, a refrigirator has various foods.

The basement is accessible through the consulting room, and holds no useful items.

Notable Loot

  • D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine laying on a table in the kitchen.
  • A holotape for The Replicated Man quest can be found in a room adjacent to the backdoor. (Disppeared if the player already collected enough specific holotapes)

Related Quests

  • Big Trouble in Big Town
  • Ticking Timebomb


  • Timebomb has suffered severe injuries from a super mutant attack and is unconscious inside the clinic. The player can perform surgery on Timebomb (Medicine 40 required) or put him out of his misery. If the player saves Timebomb, the player can attempt a speech challenge for a reward for saving him.
  • The holotape will only appear so long as The Replicated Man quest is unfinished. Picking up the holotape will start the quest if the player hasn't yet started it.