Queen ant's hatchery is a cave system that can be accessed from Marigold station.

The ants here are mutated fire ants, created by Doctor Lesko in a failed attempt at reducing their size. You will be sent here during the quest "Those!". On Doc Lesko's desk/table can be found a filtration/containment unit, within which can be found a sample of his own mutated strain of the FEV.


The hatchery is entered through a depression in Marigold station's Blue Line. A large portion of the cave is a winding trail that descends further into the ground. Five fire ant nest guardians are along the route. At the bottom of the trail, the cave opens up into a large chamber with the Marigold ant queen. The chamber also contains a terminal with the capability to destroy the fire ants in the Grayditch area. A small portion of the trail continues around behind the large chamber allowing the player to see the chamber safely from behind a rock column.


  • Doctor Lesko
  • Doctor Lesko's protectron
  • Five fire ant nest guardians and the Marigold ant queen

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The queen ant's hatchery appears only in Fallout 3.


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