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Potomac Tunnel System Starting from "DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac"编辑

The entrance to DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac is an easily missed door in Georgetown, near the entrance to the Tepid Sewers, and is one of the entrances to a large network of tunnels. This tunnel connects to the following above-ground entrances: Dupont Circle (2), The Mall, Anacostia Crossing, and Arlington Cemetery.

The 014-B Tunnel is full of Mirelurks, and their egg clutches. There are several underwater dead-ends (be careful before 'going for it'), and the water throughout the tunnel is radioactive. In the egg clutches are several instances of "Softshell Mirelurk Meat," Rad+1, HP +36. After some Diving you can reach a room with a Mirelurk King, where you can find an exemplar of D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine (med +2)

The 014-B Tunnel forks to connect to Foggy Bottom Station and Arlington Utility.

Branch One

Foggy Bottom Station is a minor Raider base. There is a Protectron to unleash on a ticket-collecting killing spree. Foggy Bottom Station connects to both another entrance, at Dupont Circle, and Metro Central.

Metro Central is inhabited by Feral ghouls, has copies of the Dean's Electronics and Pugilism Illustrated books, and in turn leads to Museum Station and Dupont Circle Station.

Dupont Circle Station is part caverns and typical post-apocalypse subway, inhabited by raiders and Super Mutants. It too emerges at Dupont Circle.

  • Note: the relationship between the two entrances at Dupont Circle needs to be sorted.

Upon entering Museum Station (from the Tunnel System proper) there is an Electrical Switch to activate, opening doors allowing you to continue to The Mall, and Anacostia Crossing Station.

  • Note: The entrances at The Mall and Anacostia Crossing need to be confirmed; i.e., I presumed Anacostia Crossing Station lead to "Anacostia Crossing," without visiting.

Branch Two

The other branch of the tunnel connects to Arlington Utility, another Raider encampment that in turn connects to the Arlington Cemetery North Metro Station (acoss the Potomac). There is a U.S. Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes book to be found in the non-cavern part of Arlington Utility.


The "DCTA Tunnel 014-B Potomac" shows up on the Local Map, but not the World Map.

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