Rangers are volunteers. Every man and woman who signs up is willing to die for the NCR, myself included.Chief Hanlon

NCR Rangers (not to be confused with NCR Veteran Rangers) are members of the NCR's elite New California Republic Rangers, operating in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281.


Although the New California Republic Rangers constitute an elite branch of the NCR military, they are considered to be a distinct organization in their own right, separate from the regular New California Republic Army. Their members are generally well-trained and highly motivated.

The Rangers are hand picked from the standard NCR infantry for their combat and stealth abilities. They are well known for their ability to infiltrate enemy territory and successfully complete missions with great efficiency. Their force of will and general determination has made them famous across the NCR as expert troops. Colonel Hsu, leader of NCR base Camp McCarran in 2281, says "You come to depend on them [the Rangers]."

NCR Rangers in New Vegas come in two varieties: civilian and patrol. "Civilian" Rangers are dressed in non-combat attire (a Ranger outfit consisting of a blue shirt, cowhide vest, and pants, with a cowboy-style ranger hat) and are generally stationed in non-frontline locations such as the Mojave Outpost or Ranger Station Charlie, serving a more police or sentry-like role. However, even the partially-equipped "civilian" Rangers are still significantly better combatants than standard NCR troopers.

"Patrol" Rangers are equipped with full combat armor (Ranger patrol armor) and have slightly superior stats and equipment, serving as frontline troops in the fight against Caesar's Legion.

Interactions with the player character

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Civilian rangers

服装 武器 其他 物品
Ranger outfit and
authority glasses and
Ranger hat
Cowboy repeater or
.357 Magnum revolver or
Trail carbine or
Caravan shotgun
NCR dollars

Patrol rangers

服装 武器 其他 物品
Ranger patrol armor and
Ranger hat and
Authority glasses
Cowboy repeater or
Hunting rifle or
Trail carbine or
Sniper rifle or
Brush gun or
Assault carbine or
Marksman carbine or
.357 Magnum revolver or
Combat knife
NCR dollars
NCR dogtag


  • Civilian Rangers can be found at each of the six Ranger substations, as well as at the Mojave Outpost. Patrol rangers can be found at Camp Golf and Hoover Dam. A single named Patrol Ranger can also be found patrolling near each Ranger substation.
  • If the player is declared a terrorist by the NCR, a kill team consisting of four Rangers will be dispatched to hunt the player down. Like the Legionary assassins, the Ranger kill-team is heavily bugged and either may not appear at all, or only appear once in the entire game.
  • A Patrol Ranger can be called with the NCR emergency radio. The Ranger will be placed under the command of the player and will follow them wherever they go. If killed, another Ranger can be summoned provided that it has been 24 hours. The Ranger is always equipped with NCR Ranger patrol armor and a cowboy repeater.

Notable members

In 2281, some members of the Rangers include:


This NCR Ranger appears in Fallout: New Vegas.