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NCR Correctional Facility is now under prisoner control following a successful riot. Locals should avoid anyone who looks like they've done time.Mr. New Vegas



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The NCR Correctional Facility is a dominant location of the central Mojave Wasteland. Before the Great War, it was the Jean Conservancy, a low-security all-female prison. 近期在NCR控制下, 此處被用來安置囚犯並勞役他們沿著鐵路的邊線, 炸出一條連結埋骨之地新維加斯的通道供NCR使用。但是前線吃緊,本來就不多的守衛有不少都被掉去巡邏克羅拉多河沿岸,監獄的骨幹分子靠著手上配發的炸藥趁機發起了暴亂

After gaining control of this facility, the Powder Gangers decided to form a faction and stay in this heavily fortified place, with plans of expansion. They established camps outside the prison to the North, South, East and West in order to further these plans, but infighting between the violent and possibly chem-addled leadership has caused splinter groups to form. The NCR has devoted nearly all of its fighting force and resources to combat Caesar's Legion, and has not attempted to reclaim the prison.[1]




It is also possible to position the player character on the cliff at the southeast side of the facility and perform a running jump over the fence to avoid the entrance fee; similarly one can "sit" in one of the outhouses in the southwest corner from outside the fence, teleporting them inside the facility. In both of these cases the entrance remains locked from the inside, however. To exit the facility one must jump over the fence again using the guard tower stairs, use fast travel or pickpocket the key from Dawes through the fence.



其中一張桌坐著一個叫梅爾斯的人,性格溫和的前警長,在任務My Kind of Town參上一腳。他不是火藥幫的,他之所以在這裡繼續「服刑」是為了給NCR點面子。你和火藥幫PK他也視而不見。


Through the back door of the visitor's center one can enter the prison yard proper. A workbench can be found near the door along with an owned crate of explosives. Several Powder Gangers mill about in the yard, as well as the ones posted at the tops of the towers.

Five of the six towers have Powder Gangers posted at the top, and each contains minor stealable loot, mostly ammo and stimpaks.


  • Cell block A contains two Powder Gangers and a few locked containers of explosives and uniforms.
  • Carter, a small time trader, has set up shop in cell block B. He sells chems and a few odds and ends. A locked cell contains his "stash," in which he stores his bottlecaps in an ammo container.

Administration building

Eddie, the leader of the remaining Powder Gangers, has set up his headquarters in the administration building. Speaking to him will initiate the I Fought the Law quest. Scrambler, Hannigan and four unnamed Powder Gangers can be found in the building as well.

Eddie holds the key to the medium-locked room, which contains a substantial stash of ammunition and explosives; one of the boxes also always produces a random skill magazine. The unlocked room next door has a copy of Lying, Congressional Style on the desk.


  • 道斯, 門衛
  • 梅爾斯, 前任警長; 可以擔任普瑞姆鎮警長
  • 艾迪, 火藥幫老大,佔據了監獄長辦公室。
  • 斯卡波, 艾迪的保鑣。
  • 漢尼甘, 醫生。
  • 卡特, B區牢房的短命鬼小販。
  • Sergeant Lee, commands the prison guards if reclaimed for NCR
  • Unnamed NCR troopers, act as prison guards (if reclaimed for NCR)
  • Other unnamed Powder Gangers


  • 夕陽沙士星星瓶蓋在接待台上,需要偷取。
  • 土炸彈的圖紙在B監區上鎖的屋裡床上
  • Lying, Congressional Style - 辦公樓2層文件室,偷。

Related quests


  • 如果你在清泉鎮做任務的時候,已經做掉了喬-柯布,那麼,你和火藥幫就已經撕破臉了,也別想在這裡搞友好訪問了。如果你變裝潛入,門神道斯會先禮後兵。當然,悄悄解決了這傢伙就行了。但是,卡特,和艾迪那的幾個人你是騙不過的。
  • 兄弟會同樣在監視這裡,在任務-依舊黑暗中登場的一個偵察兵負責監視這裡。
  • 隨著任務 I Fought the Law繼續,你可以在NCR進攻這裡的戰鬥中選擇幫其中一方,艾迪的命運就掌握在你手裡了。
  • 在監獄之戰中,如果你幫火藥幫打,戰後假扮NCR就可以讓兩邊都不打你,狂撿東西。(待確認)
  • B監區入口,從外面看,門框上面有個小牌子「K→Z區」。
  • An unusually large empty Nuka-Cola bottle can be found on a table in the guard tower along the eastern fence, due east from the visitors centers' eastern door.
  • If one fast travels to this location, a group of wild dogs may spawn and start attacking.
  • If one sides with the NCR and retakes the prison, the alarm will continue to play.
  • Wiping out every Powder Ganger in the facility may cause a prospector to appear here and remain indefinitely (one may have to wipe it out by themself, without the NCR).
  • This location is ideal for player housing, particularly during Hardcore mode. There are beds, storage containers, a water pump, campfires and a work bench.
  • Stealing chems on the table in the warden's office gives the player infamy to Powder Gangers, even if they are all dead.
  • 院子外面有個關於逃犯招車人的警告牌,形象代言人是穿囚服的輻射小子,動作是食人族招牌動作。







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