Microwave Emitter
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The Microwave Emitter is a weapon added to Fallout 3 in the Point Lookout add-on.


The Microwave Emitter is found in the reward vault at the end of the quest A Meeting of the Minds.


  • When you reload this weapon the animation shows the PC loading a Mesmetron Power Cell, not a Microfusion Cell. However, Microfusion Cells are still loaded as normal.
  • It is easier to use V.A.T.S. with this weapon or free-aim in third person with this weapon due to its bulk blocking a good portion of the screen.
  • This weapon has pretty slow fire rate outside V.A.T.S. compared to other Energy Weapons. One more reason to use V.A.T.S.
  • Critical kills burn enemies into red piles of ash, like a laser weapon.
  • This weapon's attack is similar to the Mirelurk King's or the Robobrain's special attack.
  • This weapon disregards Damage Resistance, making it ideal for use against heavily armored foes.
  • Note that there is a slight delay between pulling the trigger and actually firing the weapon. Keep this in mind when firing on moving targets and adjust accordingly.
  • Should you side with Professor Calvert and kill Desmond, he will use his robots to attack you, as his use for you is over. The "reward vault" is not locked should this happen, and you will not get a key. You are free to simply take the weapon.

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  • Mesmetron - A stun gun used extensively by the Slavers, the Mesmetron will confuse and daze an enemy instead of disintegrating them.
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