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Megaton Clinic is Megaton's local clinic. Doc Church is the only doctor in Megaton.


Megaton Clinic consists of four small rooms. The first room at the entrance has two doors, one to the ward, the other one to the consulting room. Next to the consulting room is Doc Church's Office with a broken terminal on the desk and the owned bed.

The room directly ahead of the entrance contains 3 owned beds which are occupied at random by "patients". Occasionally the room will be empty. While the player cannot initiate dialogue with these patients, they can be killed for negative karma.

Notable loot

  • The key to the medical supplies case in Doc Church's Office can be found on Doc Church's corpse.
  • There is a Holotape on top of the broken computer entitled Wanted: Trustworthy Surgeon. This holotape can activate The Replicated Man quest.

Related quests

  • The Replicated Man
  • Leo's Drug Habit


Megaton Clinic appears only in Fallout 3.


  • There is a Metal Box on the bottom shelf in the Megaton Clinic, Located on the same wall as the entrance. When the box is searched and there are no items inside the box will never have the "[Empty]" text under the name.