Maria Chavez was the leader of the Responders, a faction that existed in post-War Appalachia and was comprised of former military, police, medical personnel and firefighters.


Maria Chavez was one of the founders of the Responders after the Great War,[1] eventually becoming their official leader. Her mother was a nurse who worked at AVR Medical Center and her interest in naturopathic medicine helped Maria in the aftermath of the War with treating people as the availability of medical supplies dwindled.[2]

While trying to secure more resources for the Responders, Maria wrote to Jeff Nakamura with the idea of sending a team to scavenge Gauley Mine.[3]

She died in November 2096, when a large horde of Scorched attacked the Responders' command post at the Morgantown Airport terminal. Her corpse was previously lying against a counter in the terminal, though she was buried at some point in 2103.


服装 武器 其他 物品
Maria's last words (nearby)

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Maria's corpse could previously be found in the terminal; however, as of the Wastelanders update, the spot has been replaced with Dontrelle Haines' memorial to the Responders.


Maria Chavez appears only in Fallout 76.



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