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The reading room for the discreet gentleman.

Madame Jealle's, euphemistically billed as the "Reading Room for the Discreet Gentleman", is a small shop located west of the cafe in L'Enfant Plaza. The entrance is in an alleyway behind the building and is discreetly labeled "Shop" on your local map.


The door from L'Enfant opens into a stairwell, which leads downward, into the main room. Several mannequins line the walls, and there are several chairs available. The front counter is the only major fixture in the otherwise small room. A safe is built in to the back wall, locked with an Average lock. You can also use a nearby Average terminal to open it.

Notable loot

  • There are two sets of Sexy Sleepwear on the counter.
  • 2 Stimpaks on the main counter and a bottle of Buffout on the table behind you when you pick them up.


Madame Jealle's only appears in Fallout 3.