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The MRE is a consumable item in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


MRE (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) ,速食肉,一種高營養的野戰口糧。這種東西本來是美國軍隊的軍用口糧,以滿足戰鬥發生時以及特殊情況下的進食需要。袋子里裝的是預先煮好的肉,用錫箔紙保存,把袋子放到水裡就可以自動加熱。這種速食肉從1981年開始小範圍配備,到1986年前後,全面取代原有的罐裝口糧成為軍隊的標準配置。


這種口糧在大分水嶺地區能夠發現很多,主要是去骨的豬排肉以及一些輔料。這玩意兒是遊戲里為數不多的幾種沒有絲毫副作用的食物之一,而且in hardcore mode is among the highest 營養豐富的食物, on par with the much heavier caravan lunch.

Survival Skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+2 Hit Point for 15s+1 Hit Point for 10s, -240 Starvation 
20+2 Hit Point for 15s+1 Hit Point for 10s, -280 Starvation 
30+3 Hit Point for 15s+1 Hit Point for 10s, -320 Starvation 
40+3 Hit Point for 15s+1 Hit Point for 10s, -360 Starvation 
50+4 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -400 Starvation 
60+4 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -440 Starvation 
70+4 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -480 Starvation 
80+5 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -520 Starvation 
90+5 Hit Point for 15s+2 Hit Point for 10s, -560 Starvation 
100+6 Hit Point for 15s+3 Hit Point for 10s, -600 Starvation 


  • 大分水嶺和15號公路軍品箱里。
  • Four in the Hopeville men's barracks as well as four in the women's barracks.
  • Three on a catwalk near a duffle bag halfway down, at the southside of the Sunstone Tower roof.
  • Three at the marked men supply outpost, near the back of an orange-yellow trailer.
  • Three, east of Junction 7 rest stop, climb up the hill and they will lie under a collapsed overpass next to a broken shipping crate.
  • Two at the marked men camp, near a tyre at the east wall of the Hopeville Missile Base Headquarters.
  • Two near a US Army truck, in the collapsed overpass tunnel.
  • At the Canyon wreckage: on the left, there is a wooden board that says "Lonesome Road". In the duffle bag below this, there is an MRE.
  • If Ulysses is alive after the final quest, he will be at the entrance to the Canyon wreckage. If the Courier asks him if he has recovered anything from the dust of Hopeville, he will give 3-4 MREs and other minor loot.

Behind the scenes

  • The real-life MRE Menu No. 2 was a boneless pork chop from 2000-2001. Menu No. 2 is currently Shredded BBQ Beef.[1] The resale notice was added in 2001. The bag design more closely resembles older MREs.[2]
  • The real-life ZIP code of Mullins, South Carolina, where MRE supplier SOPAKCO is based, is 29574; ZIP code 12490 corresponds to West Camp, New York.[3]