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The Novasurge has proven to be a tough nut to crack. The output is still very high, causing massive injury to targets, but it's drawing far too much power from its energy cells. We also need to get the weight down on the weapon, as it's a bit heavy for a simple replacement sidearm.

—Unknown author, MPLX "Novasurge" prototype plasma pistol

The MPLX Novasurge is a weapon which is added to Fallout 3 in the Mothership Zeta add-on. It is a unique version of the plasma pistol.


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The weapon acts very similarly to the plasma pistol it formed the basis for, barring several prototype features. First and foremost, this weapon does more than three times as much damage as the regular plasma pistol, and has a higher critical multiplier (3x as opposed to 2x). However, it uses two energy cells to power each shot, and weighs twice as much as the normal, almost as much as an R91 assault rifle.


The MPLX Novasurge can fire a total of about 188 times, the equivalent of 24 reloads, from full condition before breaking. That's 212 times fewer than the common plasma pistol.



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The weapon is found in the cargo hold area of Mothership Zeta. In one area is Reid Underwood's terminal (hard) which can be hacked to unlock a safe, to get to the terminal go to the Research lab door go north then a bit east one should see a group of terminals, it's the only one that isn't broken. The safe itself is found in another area among several piles of rubble, next to a machine that is dropping items into a pit. Inside the safe is the weapon, a note detailing the weapon, and energy cells (amount may vary due to the Scrounger perk).

The Cargo hold becomes inaccessible after teleporting to the Bridge, making it impossible to obtain the weapon afterwards.


  • Elliott can pick this weapon up if one unlocks Underwood's safe but doesn't go and collect the weapon.
  • Somah can pick up this weapon without opening the safe, making it possible to obtain it without 75 science.


  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Icon pc While using V.A.T.S., selecting a target causes the ammunition counter to drop by one, not two. The bolt will still use two energy cells, but this may force an unexpected reload sequence. [已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Sometimes Paladin Hoss will unexpectedly show up (even though he's not supposed to) and take the pistol after one has unlocked the safe. [已核实]

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