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Lock and Load

Lock and Load is a shop in Paradise Falls, run by Pronto. The shop has a very limited supply of anything, and everything it does have is in very poor condition. Typically the store's owner, Pronto, only has around 150 to 400 caps on him at the very most. His repair skill is also very low. The only way to improve his inventory is to "invest" in Lock and Load by completing the Economics of Violence mini quest. This will not, however, improve Pronto's repair skill.


Inside the Lock and Load, you will find one workbench to the inner-left corner. The counter is littered with weapons. Behind the counter, the locker holds Lock and Load's Inventory and requires specific key to open; two owned ammo boxes sit on the floor. Another owned ammo box is on the desk next to the counter. To the left of the main counter, you can see a cage containing the skeleton of an exile from Little Lamplight, still wearing their Party Hat from their 16th birthday. Presumably captured on their journey to Big Town, and left to starve to death with food and an upturned plate left just out of reach - or intentionally by themselves to end the torment.

The door which can be opened takes you to the basement where Pronto sleeps.

Notable loot

  • Lock and Load Supply Key (Only found on Pronto's corpse).
  • Lock and Load Supply

Related quests


  • The store does not actually close as such. The player can enter the shop at any time and just go downstairs to talk to Pronto and trade.


Lock and Load appears only in Fallout 3.

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