Years as the Vault little league MVP have honed your hitting and throwing. With every rank, you gain 5 points of Melee Weapons skill and 5 points of Explosives skill.— In-game description

Little Leaguer is a Fallout 3 perk.


Adds +5 to your Melee Weapons and Explosives skills per rank.


  • According to a flier in the Vault 101 cafeteria, baseball is played in the Atrium.
  • Jonas Palmer mentions that the Lone Wanderer managed to pitch four strikeouts in a row and could potentially become the new Vault 101 Little League MVP.

Behind the scenes

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The Little Leaguer perk may have been intended to be a more specialized perk. Fallout 3's resources contain a Form List named "PerkLittleLeaguerWeapons"; this naming scheme is used by other perk-related Form Lists to define the weapons that the perk covers, for example "PerkPyromaniacWeapons" being used by the Pyromaniac perk. The list has only one entry: the baseball bat; it does not include the two cut unique variants of the baseball bat. The shortness of the list may be intentional, but may also be related to the late-development removal of the Throwing skill.

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