Lily's Vertibird blade is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas.


Lily's Vertibird blade is a special weapon used by Lily Bowen, a nightkin found in Jacobstown, who can become a companion during the Guess Who I Saw Today quest. It is a huge sword made from a vertibird rotor strapped to a long piece of wood via leather straps. If asked how she obtained it, Lily states she found Daisy Whitman's downed vertibird near Klamath and Leo told her how to make it. With it Lily may randomly knock down enemies in a manner similar to Rex.


  • In Jacobstown, wielded by Lily (The nightkin standing near the bighorner flock, to the left of the Jacobstown lodge). Although it cannot be removed from her inventory, it can be obtained through console commands. It cannot be obtained by killing her, as it won't appear in her inventory


  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 Sometimes when Lily's tactics are switched from melee to ranged and back to melee the gun will be stuck on the hilt of the blade and will stay there, to resolve this problem switch it back to ranged and it will be fixed.
  • Icon pc If you get Lily's Vertibird blade or Lily's assault carbine, It will disappear after a couple of seconds, even if equipped.

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