關於女性游戏角色相对应的特技,參見Black Widow


师奶杀手(或猎艳杀手)是在辐射 3辐射:新维加斯辐射4中男性游戏角色所特有的特技

辐射 3辐射:新维加斯

在战斗中,你对女性敌人造成10%的额外伤害。在战斗外,你有时与异性打交道会解锁特殊对话。— 游戏内的描述

In combat, the player character does +10% damage against opponents of the opposite sex. Outside of combat, one sometimes has access to unique dialogue options when dealing with the opposite sex, similar to the Sex Appeal trait. 在辐射:新维加斯 中,它由你是基佬(单身汉认证)特技补充完整。


辐射 3

  • Nova in Megaton will provide the Lone Wanderer with the password to Moriarty's terminal.
  • Brianna in the Blood Ties quest will provide the player character with the password to Ian West's cell.
  • One can talk the AntAgonizer into stopping her attacks on the town and ending her feud with The Mechanist. The Lone Wanderer also gets her costume.
  • One can talk Fantasia into stealing Dukov's key for the quest You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head. It is possible to do this without the perk though, but Lady Killer eliminates the possibility of a Speech check failure.
  • One can talk Agatha into giving them the key to her ammunition box to help the Lone Wanderer during the quest Agatha's Song.
  • In Operation: Anchorage, one can calm Specialist Olin down and get more detailed information on questions. Also, the conversation will not end after each question.

In The Pitt, Vikia will prove to be immune to the perk and will mock women who are manipulated by it. She goes on to say that she wouldn't sleep with the player character, no matter how impressive he is.


  • 伴我飞翔任务中,信使可以和吉布森老太太调情,以此来免费获得推进器控制模组
  • 年轻的心任务中,信使可以让珍妮特立刻爱上杰克。
  • 蛾摩拉庭院里,一个名叫Dazzle的妓女可以被讨价还价到花20瓶盖进行性交而不是普通情况下的100.
  • 原子牛仔任务中,信使可以通过和简女士来调情让她还债。
  • 郊狼支线任务中,信使可以说服Sweetie交出St. James的房间钥匙。
  • 信使可以解锁和The Lonesome Drifter的特殊对话。在他透露自己曾在蒙大拿州居住过并且他的父亲在他出生前就离开了的时候会解锁额外选项。信使会担忧地问道:“蒙大拿?我的天,那你不会刚好十七岁吧?(Montana? Oh god, you wouldn't happen to be seventeen would you?)”。在得到否定的回答后,信使将只能转而询问其它话题。
  • 我们知之甚少的任务中,信使可以通过恭维一名在蛾摩拉的尸鬼或是男妓来获知卡奇诺的下落。
  • 信使可以暗示卡斯正在和自己调情,而卡斯则会说他们的关系仅此而已。
  • 旧世蓝调中信使可以解锁一些特殊对话选项并最终可以引诱灯具开关01灯具开关02.
  • 旧世蓝调中,信使可以在Coming Out of Her Shell任务中和达拉博士讨论他们的喘息。

辐射 4

Come into my parlor," said the Black Widow. You're charming... and dangerous to those of the opposite sex. Though the gender of the Commonwealth's population is about evenly split, this perk won't affect those sporting a similar undercarriage to you. Don't forget the Intimidation perk; both of these perks in unison allows almost any situation to be handled your way, without (or with) violence.Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide description

Just as before, Lady Killer offers bonus damage against women. However, it does not confer any additional speech options due to a refurbishment of the dialogue system, and instead makes them easier to persuade in dialogue or be pacified via the Intimidation perk.

Rank Requirements Description Base ID
1 CH 2 You're charming... and dangerous. Women suffer +5% damage in combat, and are easier to persuade in dialogue. 00019AA3
2 CH 2, LVL 7 Women now suffer +10% damage in combat, and are even easier to persuade in dialogue. They are also easier to pacify with the Intimidation perk. 00065E33
3 CH 2, LVL 16 Women now suffer +15% damage in combat, and are much easier to persuade in dialogue. They are now even easier to pacify with the Intimidation perk. 00065E34


  • In Fallout 3, this perk does not carry over to super mutants, feral ghouls or swampfolk, as they are classed as creatures by the game, and therefore would not be subject to any gender-based effects.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, dialogue choices from these associated perks do not count as speech successes.


The term "Lady Killer" is slang, dating back to the 19th century, referring to a man who is very popular and/or influential with women.


Has platform::PCPC In Fallout 4, due to several scripting typos, ranks 2 and 3 provide no actual benefit to pacification success rates with Intimidation.[已验证]

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