The L&L Gang are a hostile coalition of raiders in the Commonwealth in 2287. They are distinct from regular gangs in that they deliberately target synths, thus making them an enemy of the Railroad.


The L&L Gang is the second worst enemy of the Railroad in 2287.[1] A loose alliance of raider gangs, the L&L Gang have a reputation for being particularly violent towards synths.[2] To the dismay of the Railroad with the destruction of the Institute, the L&L Gang are more active than ever, and thus eagerly focus on combating them after the Sole Survivor completes The Nuclear Option.

After completing the Nuclear Option, Desdemona will give the To the Mattresses quest to the player character. In each quest the player must kill one of the six bosses of the L&L Gang. These bosses spawn in random areas populated by raider gangs.

Possible locations

Notable members

  • Lucky Tatum
  • Big Maude
  • Stevie Buchanan
  • Tammy Mac
  • The Bruiser
  • Captain Sally
  • Johnny T. Walters


The L&L Gang appears only in Fallout 4.


  1. Desdemona: "With the Institute dealt with, we're re-evaluating our ongoing operations. And the L&L Gang is currently our single greatest threat. Glory had been pushing me to deal with them for years. Looks like she finally gets her wish."
    (Desdemona's dialogue)
  2. The Sole Survivor: "Who is this L&L Gang?"
    Desdemona: "They're not so much a gang, really, as a loosely affiliated group of raiders. What sets them apart from the usual filth is they take a particular sadistic pleasure in finding and executing synths. We've lost more synths to them over the years than even the Coursers."
    (Desdemona's dialogue)