Jimmy Hats is a very reliable pre-War brand of condoms. They are still very reliable even 200 years after the Great War. They usually cost about $2.

Jimmy Hats condoms are available in three different variants. The ones in blue package are ribbed for her pleasure, the ones in green package contain phosphorous green dye #2 and are slathered in spermicidal lubricant for added protection, and the ones in red package contain phosphorous red dye #5 and have a yummy cinnamon bun flavor... or so you heard. These can be placed in your inventory prior to having sex with Angela Bishop or Leslie Anne Bishop.


  • Large amounts (more than 50 each) of the green and blue condoms are sold by Jenna on the Tanker.


Jimmy Hats condoms appear only in Fallout 2.

Behind the scenes

Jimmy Hats is an urban vernacular for condom.