Irradiated Metro (CW)

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Irradiated Metro marks access to a Metro tunnel with the same name in the middle of the urban DC area, close to the river Potomac, across the Arlington Memorial Bridge from the Citadel.

A few Super Mutants are likely to ambush you from a walkway above the street here. One of them is likely to be armed with a missile launcher. The walkway can be accessed from a tunnel ("Access Hall") just NE of the entrance to Irradiated Metro. When traveling through the Access Hall, there is a rigged shotgun; be on the lookout.

Notable Loot

  • A few cases of ammunition (might be Missiles) on the second floor of a broken down, Super Mutant-occupied building to the west of the Irradiated Metro entrance (across the street).
  • A copy of Pugilism: Illustrated on table to the left of where you first encounter the raiders.