Highwayman's Friend

The Highwayman's Friend is a unique form of the Tire Iron, found in Fallout 3.



  • Although unique and therefore more damaging than a normal tire iron, it's still not a highly damaging weapon, but it does have a rapid attack, so many blows can be landed quickly.
  • Probably best used against opponents who aren't armed with melee weapons themselves as they will often block, stunning you for a few precious seconds. For this reason it's best to use VATS attacks on other melee opponents.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • Its placement can be a reference to the fact that Machete and Dominic D'Ellsadro are the protectors of Canterbury Commons and Dominic explicitly boasts to the Lone Wanderer about them burying thieves in unmarked graves. Highwayman is synonymous to bandit, robber and vaguely to thief.


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