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Gustavo's Armory

Gustavo's Armory is a shop run by Chief Gustavo in Tenpenny Tower. It sells Guns and Ammunition, as well as some armor and Stimpaks. It is located at the desk in the center of Tenpenny Tower's lobby. Gustavo sits there (without sleeping) most, if not all of, the time. He normally carries 300-400 caps. The box for his items is outside the Tower in the guard space. Like all store containers it requires a key that can only be taken off his dead body.

Gustavo has been noted as a great place to buy .308 Caliber Round ammunition for the Sniper Rifle. He also sells a decent amount of .44 Round, Magnum, 5mm Round (100+) and 5.56mm Round (140) ammunition.

Should Gustavo die, no one will take his place. However, Michael Masters will serve as the new Weapons vendor if a ghoul takeover occurs, doubling as a Junk and Gun merchant.


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