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關於an overview of Fallout terms,參見Glossary of the Fallout universe
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The Children of Atom practice a cult known as Church of the Children of Atom which uses a variety of unique terms. The following is an exhaustive list.


  • Atom[1] - The name used to represent the cult's deity, nuclear weapons.
  • Atom's Glow,[2][3] Atom's Light,[4][5][6] His Glow,[7] the Glow,[8] Eternal Light[9][10][11] Holy Radiance[12] - Radiation that persists in the world, particularly the wavelengths that glow.
  • Atom's kingdom[13][14] or domain[15] - All territories that are irradiated. Can be used specifically regarding all territory that the the Fog covers on the island.
  • Armored angels - Brotherhood of Steel soldiers in power armor.[16]
  • Baptism - the absorption of radiation to gain entrance into the cult.[17] See also Atom's Glow.
  • Division - Any nuclear explosion that kills those in its vicinity, but delivers them to Atom and commences rebirth instantaneously.[14][18]
  • Enlightenment - Acceptance of Atom, and the resulting ghoulification/death from radiation.[9][3]
  • Great Division - Specifically the Great War.[1][8]
  • Holy Water,[5] Waters of the Glow,[2] Waters of Light[3] - Irradiated water.
  • Long Division - The extended wait for another division, in which radiation is absorbed over long periods of time, rather than in an instant.[8]
  • Luminescent Mother,[5][19][20] Luminous Mother[10] - Curie III.
  • Mother of the Fog - One of the most holy symbols of the Children of Atom. She is seen as a messenger from Atom himself who acts as a guide to those important to Atom's plans and the future of the religion[21] (on the Island).[22]
  • Salvation - The continual absorption of radiation.[23][6] See also Enlightenment, and Atom's Glow.
  • Scouring - Removing radiation one has accumulated.[24]
  • Sun(s) of Atom - a name for glowing one(s) according to the Apostles of the Eternal Light.[25] See also Sun of Atom.


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    Confessor Cromwell: "Those who were called to Atom during the Great Division were very fortunate. They were permitted to aid in the process of Atom's creation. We seek the same, both in symbol and in fact and the "bomb", as you call it, represents Atom's capacity for creation. We kneel before it and ask that Atom call us to aid him. We pray that out of our meager bodies, he will create new life."
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  4. Confessor Cromwell: "May Atom's Light shine."
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  5. 5.0 5.1 5.2 The Lone Wanderer: "You know this water is full of radiation, right?"
    Brother Gerard: "It's full of Atom's Light, if that's what you mean. Brighter and warmer than any water I've ever seen before. Blessing of the holy water is overseen by Mother Curie III, our Luminescent Mother. But her work keeps her busy within the monastery at all times."
    (Gerard's dialogue)
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    (Curie III's dialogue)
  7. The Sole Survivor: "Why build a crypt in the sub? Don't you have the entire base?"
    Sister Aubert: "Keeps our fallen brethren near His Glow, near their family. Only spot a child should spend eternity. A true honor... denied to too many."
    (Aubert's dialogue)
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    Sister Aubert: "Atom's Great Division? Two hundred years ago, thousands, millions, across the world, reborn in an instant. Given over to Atom. These days, we take the scenic route. Extended exposure to the Glow. Long Division... heh."
    (Aubert's dialogue)
  9. 9.0 9.1 The Lone Wanderer: "You mean, you turn people into Ghouls?"
    Curie III: "That's a vulgar term, used only by those who are jealous of their gifts. We recognize them for the Enlightened beings they are. But to receive such Enlightenment, people need to be exposed to a tremendous dose of Atom's Glow. That's why our holy water is so important! Sadly, only a small number of supplicants truly achieve Eternal Light. The rest must be satisfied with Enlightenment and an end to their suffering."
    (Mother Curie III's dialogue)
  10. 10.0 10.1 The Lone Wanderer: "Tell me about your order."
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    (Gerard's dialogue)
  11. The Lone Wanderer: "Spreading tainted water under the guise of helping humanity? I can relate."
    Brother Gerard: "What you see as the "taint" of radiation, we see as Atom's Eternal Light."
    (Gerard's dialogue) Note: These lines are only available if the Aqua Pura is poisoned with modified FEV during the quest Project Impurity in Fallout 3.
  12. The Lone Wanderer: "You mean I have to be irradiated to be allowed inside?"
    Brother Gerard: "Yes, call it what you will. We simply will not allow any who do not bear the Light. Make your way to our Tabernacle, pilgrim. Pray to Atom to fill you with Holy Radiance. Bask in the Glow of Atom's Eternal Light."
    (Gerard's dialogue)
  13. The Sole Survivor: "The wind turbine powering Far Harbor's condensers. DiMA built a kill switch into it. And I recovered the code to take it offline for good."
    High Confessor Tektus: "DiMA. I knew that machine was the key. Though I suppose this only further proves the sanctity of our goal. Even Far Harbor's so-called savior knew those beasts couldn't be trusted. So at long last, Atom has granted us - you - the chance to return what is rightfully ours. To restore the missing piece of Atom's kingdom once and for all. So tell me. Are you prepared to do what must be done?"
    (Tektus' dialogue)
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    High Confessor Tektus: "A question I've asked many a time. To experience instant rebirth as incalculable new worlds... well, there are few gifts greater... But this island. Atom's kingdom. We have been given stewardship of this place. To abandon it... ...it would be an affront to everything He has granted us. Such a grand Division... it is not our family's path."
    (Tektus' dialogue)
  15. The Sole Survivor: "It's an honor, High Confessor."
    High Confessor Tektus: "I'm glad you feel as such. There are many who would squander Atom's grace. Let me ask you a question. You've been to Far Harbor, yes? Seen its barriers against Atom's holy Fog. It's citizens' blasphemous refusal to vacate what is clearly His domain? What would you do with such a place?"
    (Tektus' dialogue)
  16. The Lone Wanderer: "How do you make your "holy water"?"
    Curie III: "It was a gift from Atom. I was meditating right here in Springvale, when four of His armored angels came to me. When I said I was from Megaton, they gave me barrels of "Aqua Pura," and said I should share it with my people. They were very clear on that. Naturally, I understood Atom's message. And so, I've been busy blessing this holy water and sharing it with the world."
    (Mother Curie III's dialogue)
  17. The Lone Wanderer: "I need to enter the monastery."
    Brother Gerard: "I'm afraid it is not open to the unenlightened. Your presence would contaminate our great works. However, if you are willing to be baptized in Atom's holy Light, then perhaps I could allow you to enter and meet our leader."
    (Gerard's dialogue)
  18. The Sole Survivor: "The launch key for the sub's nukes. I wanted to ask you about it."
    High Confessor Tektus: "The key to Division, yes. Reunion with Atom at the flick of a wrist. An object of true power... lost to the ages, unfortunately. What did you wish to know?"
    (Tektus' dialogue)
  19. The Lone Wanderer: "Sounds like a nice little setup you've got. Have fun poisoning people!"
    Brother Gerard: "Laugh if you want, but our good deeds shall not be corrupted by your cynicism. We will continue to help the needy. Blessing of the holy water is overseen by Mother Curie III, our Luminescent Mother. And she works tirelessly in our monastery to Enlighten the world!"
    (Gerard's dialogue)
  20. The Lone Wanderer: "There. I've gotten a little irradiated. Can I go in now?"
    Brother Gerard: "Ah, I can feel the Light within you. By all means, you are welcome in our sanctuary. Please, speak with our leader, our Luminescent Mother, Curie the Third."
    (Gerard's dialogue)
  21. The Sole Survivor: "It was... otherwordly. The woman, she was like a living shadow, cloaked in mist."
    Brian Richter: "Atom above. You really did see her. The Mother of the Fog. The Mother is a messenger from Atom. Acts as a guide to those important to His plans and the future of this family. She's the one who led the first of us to this place. And if she revealed herself to you... then I'd say the path He's lain for you is clear. If you are prepared to take the next step, then I believe there is a place for you among Atom's children."
    (Brian Richter's dialogue)
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  23. The Lone Wanderer: "Look, I'm not going to irradiate myself to get into your church."
    Brother Gerard: "I'm sorry, but I must insist. You simply cannot be allowed on holy ground without knowing Atom's Light. Where you see radiation, we see humanity's salvation. And we can hardly allow the unsaved into our holy monastery, now can we? You may supplicate to Atom your desire for enlightenment at our Tabernacle. All may bask in the Eternal Light. All may be filled with the Glow."
    (Gerard's dialogue)
  24. The Sole Survivor: "You mentioned scouring? What's that?"
    Sister Mai: "Oh. Right. Well, most of us here, the Glow doesn't harm us. But Atom's picky about sharing His blessing. We keep some anti-rad meds on hand, for those in need. Most folks around here, High Confessor included, consider it a kind of... penitence. Scour oneself and embrace the Glow anew. So did you want to peruse the goods?"
    (Mai's dialogue)
  25. The Lone Wanderer: "I am consumed with Atom's Light. Let me into your monastery."
    Brother Gerard: "Oh, truly your Light is second only to the Suns of Atom themselves! You are more than welcome. Please, speak with our leader, our Luminescent Mother, Curie the Third."
    (Gerard's dialogue) Note: These lines are spoken if the player's radiation count is above a certain threshold.[clarification needed]